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We believe great selling doesn’t happen by accident. Our programs combine the philosophy (why) and mechanics (how) of selling to ensure long-term, sustainable results that drive scalable, predictable growth.

We use a proprietary assessment tool to align salespeople, managers, and executives around shared goals of growth and teamwork. Then we activate your Sales PlayBook, a cloud-based resource chock full of practical templates, methods, and approaches your sales team can build on. We bring it all together during our two-day Sales Intensive training sessions, where your employees are exposed to the industry’s most effective selling tips and techniques and inspired to excel.

Assessment. Training. Accountability.

Our services are designed to meet the dynamic needs of any organization. From the beginning of our relationship, we work closely with you to develop a Sales Improvement Foundation to meet your specific needs. Each element of our engagements addresses both the process and behavior sides of selling, fitting with our “philosophy and mechanics” approach.

Exploration & Assessment

The first stage of our Sales Improvement program might also be called strategic sales consulting. We examine your sales culture, focusing on the trouble spots you know and finding ones visible only from an outside perspective. Then we create a plan of action.

Online Sales PlayBook Development

Based on insights uncovered during the Exploration phase, we design and integrate our online Sales PlayBook to streamline your process, enhance sales management, and enable your people to do what they do best: sell.

Sales Team Training

We conduct on-site and online customized training that opens up communication, generates solutions, fosters unity, and transforms your team’s performance. The training program also activates your Sales PlayBook, giving you an opportunity to build out content and learn together how best to implement this powerful tool.

Underpinning each component of the Sales Improvement Foundation is a commitment to accountability. Effective use of the Sales PlayBook, particularly, gives management a window into salesperson activities and holds salespeople to task for meeting goals and building on best practices.

Key Issues

We have found that certain issues consistently arise among clients of all sizes in all industries. We are particularly adept at recognizing and overcoming them.

Bridging the Disconnects that Kill Sales

When there are gaps in understanding and communication between management, sales, and customers, organizations suffer. CFS understands what it takes to bridge the disconnects that frustrate your sales efforts.

Changing the Sales Dynamic

We help companies with complex sales environments go from chasing unproductive leads to identifying and connecting with customers who are best matched to them. By learning how to get to ‘no’ quicker, sales organizations can see dramatic increases in effectiveness, consistency, and results.

Consistency, Not Charisma

In today’s complex business environments, sales depend more on consistency and less on charisma. We will work with you to create a practical, custom-tailored framework for communicating more consistently and persuasively with both prospects and customers. By providing real-time updates of critical sales information and creating an ever-evolving database of client interactions in your custom Sales Playbook, we create the continuity and collaboration that allows your sales team to succeed.