5 Training Courses to Heat Up Sales this Summer

With longer days and beautiful weather, summertime seems to bring about a certain energy. The best way you can use this energy is by checking out these training courses to boost your sales.

Training courses are not made alike. They are unique offerings that, depending on what you need, vary in difficulty, commitment, and time.

Want to boost your sales this summer? Check out the training courses below!

5 Training Courses to Heat Up Sales

  1. Dale Carnegie Training:

    Dale Carnegie offers plenty of online training and seminars in a wide variety of segments. The training guides you through a number of modules over time covering the underlying topics of a bigger picture. The modules are categorized by competencies such as communication and management as well as specific content areas. They also have live, video-streamed trainings online.

  2. San Diego State University:

    San Diego State University offers a program they call 3-Hour Learning. This online training is meant to be short and sweet. The three hours are filled by 12 chapters taught be actual college professors. This program will streamline your basic sales skills as well as enhance your communication tactics.

  3. Rapid Learning Institute:

    Rapid Learning Institute offers tons of short 5-7 minute videos meant to teach topics quickly and efficiently. An entire sales team can watch these videos on their own time and apply their new knowledge immediately. The teachings are backed by studies from some of the world’s best universities such as Stanford, Harvard, Berkeley, and London School of Economics.

  4. HubSpot Trainings:

    HubSpot offers many sales training videos, articles, and infographics to help salespeople stay on trend with selling tactics. These are great because you can do them all on your own time. There is no pressure to get them done or to set time aside. They are quick and entertaining and very easy reads.

  5. Criteria For Success, Inc.:

    Of course, our own training and offerings are extremely helpful as you look to advance yourself in your career. Our online eBooks and articles are jam-packed with valuable information that you can access and read on your own time. And just wait for the big plans we have coming on the horizon!

Ultimately, there are tons of great training courses at your fingertips. Companies across the world are creating free content that is extremely helpful in your everyday work life. So check out these training courses listed, and let us know if you have any great ones we missed in the comments!

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