Help! My Top Producer Hit Rock Bottom

When the top producer on your team isn’t performing as usual, what do you do?

Every manager has one. They’re known as “The Closer” or “The Revenue Machine.” You know who I’m talking about – the salesperson with a bigger pipeline than Super Mario. They seem to effortlessly exceed their goal on a monthly basis and close deals in their sleep. While others count sheep when they go to bed, top producers count dollar signs. As sales managers, we rely on them to put a consistent number of deals together each month.

However, what happens after you start spending more time with your top producer to learn their winning formula and discover that they don’t have one?  That they are working the system by cherry picking instead of doing anything new?

My Top Producer Is a Cherry Picker!

What’s cherry picking you ask? That is when a salesperson finds ways to manipulate the system so they can work only the hottest leads, leaving the rest of the team out in the cold.

Recently, I was digging deep into my team’s sales process to discover how we could bottle our top producer’s winning formula. Instead, I discovered key flaws in how our company uses its CRM system which enabled members of the team to pick and choose which leads were assigned to them.

I immediately reacted by changing permission settings and the way leads were distributed. Surprise, surprise – this change instantly caused my top producer’s numbers to fall at a dramatic rate. It was only after this experience that I really started to evaluate how my top producer had been working their pipeline. This got me thinking, “Is my top producer actually a cherry picker?”

Top ProducerCherry Picker
Works every lead regardless of sourceWorks only leads with a high probability of closing based strictly on the source.
Has a system for thoroughly following up on each prospect.Quickly gives up after initial contact once they feel a prospect is not interested.
Finds ways to reach out to prospects who have not been contacted in some time.Finds ways to avoid speaking to older or “aged” prospects.
Leverages a system (CRM or other) to help stay on top of leads.Avoids using a system and focuses on prospects that “raise their hand.”
Uses their Manager regularly to come up with creative solutions to move prospect’s further along in the process.Uses their Manager sparingly to avoid drawing attention to their prospecting activities (aka- flying under the radar).

Okay, now you can identify a “cherry picker”, but what is your next step? Stay tuned… In a future blog, I will explain what steps I took to try turning this person into a team player.

What processes do you have in place to help identify potential “cherry pickers”?

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