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September 2017

Is Your Business Development Process Clearly Defined?

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Having a business development process seems like a pretty obvious thing for any company to have. However, simply having a process in place is only part of the equation. For optimal results, your business development [...]

Business Development Won’t Work Without Workability

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I want to talk about working with people in a business development context. I find that most of business development training is focused on improving techniques, or what I call the “doing part.” Let’s step [...]

Active Listening for Sales: Being a Good Listener Will Set You Apart

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If you want to sell anything to anyone, it truly starts by being an excellent listener. Some call this active listening. Others, like Stephen Covey, author of The 7 Habits of High Effective People, refer [...]

Sales Communication Evaluation – Score Your Team

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Sales communication is a vital skill for salespeople. If you boil down the key elements of selling, almost all of them are related to communication. If you are wondering how your team stacks up, use [...]

Sales and Customer Service: Two Parts of One Machine

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I’ll start with this: sales and customer service eventually comes full-circle. One leads to the other and vice-versa. Without making sales, you won’t have customers, nor will you have the need for customer service. Similarly, [...]