Time-Wasting Leads Are a Myth

Time-wasting leads may seem like an annoying aspect that every polished salesperson wants to avoid.  But in truth, the lead is only as weak as the salesperson.

Read on to learn why your “time-wasting leads” are not actually wasting anything.

You have to love technology! I have my CRM synced to my iPhone so every time a new lead comes in I receive an alert. This allows me to check in with my team and ensure each request is followed up on in a timely manner. What a great way to stay on top of things!

One morning I awoke to a strange sound that can only be described as my phone having a seizure. In a panic, I lunged across my nightstand to discover there were 400 leads freshly delivered to our CRM. I knew immediately that these were from a recent event my company sponsored. You know, the “weak” leads.

As I predicted, my team wasted no time in expressing their strong dislike for these time-wasting leads and wanted to know how we can quickly dispose of them. As I listened to one after the other selling me their ideas of where to dump the body, I had a brief flashback. I recalled an old Manager of mine who once said, “There is no such thing as a weak lead, only a weak salesperson.” He was probably quoting a line from the infamous “Glengarry, Glenn Ross”, but, there is some truth to it in the real world.

I knew that in order for us to maximize our opportunity, my team had to discover the value of these leads. After all, no matter how unqualified a lead may seem, there is always a real opportunity to be found. It is my job as a leader to help my team embrace the possibilities.

I gathered my thoughts and created a three-step plan to connect with our event prospects.

Turning Time-Wasting Leads into Prospects:

    1. Organizing our leads into a separate campaign using our CRM.
    2. Sending a mass e-mail introducing our team and thanking them for attending the event.
    3. Creating tasks for my team to follow up with each prospect twice a week for a month.

I then called a meeting and described the opportunity. Like a good reporter who is looking for the “the big story”, we needed to engage all of our leads and see how we can uncover “the big sale.” The first person to discover an opportunity would receive the next house deal I uncovered.

With my team working the three-step plan, I am confident we will uncover some opportunities where they used to see only a waste of time. Especially now that they are engaged and see the value of the “weak” lead.

How do you engage your team to work low probability leads?

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