The Value of a Sales Process

Many people tell me about the virtues of a sales process. Mostly, they appreciate having something that guides them, step by step. But it’s not merely valuable to have something that reminds you what to do, or codifies what you already know, so that you don’t forget it.

There is another advantage to having a sales process: It saves you time!

Let me explain. If truth be told, as salespeople we want to be as busy as possible. The busier you are, the more likelihood that you are going to close more business. But busy has its drawbacks. For example, you have to pack in more activity into an already busy day, so when you get behind, you start rushing and end up cutting corners.

It gets worse if you have to stop to think about what format to use for the proposal, for example, or what agenda to follow during a first time sales call. This can extend to knowing what questions to ask or what type of presentation collateral to bring. A process allows you to grab all this information on the fly, without reinventing the wheel every time.

To be able to know where you are so that you can engage quickly into the process is a real time saver.

At CFS, we have an interview document template in our PlayBook. With a quick “find and replace,” we are able to insert client name and date, print and be good to go. The standard agenda is also in our PlayBook, as is the common problem list, and the standard presentation. The template for a follow up email is also available for anyone to modify and send in minutes. The steps to engage and reengage a prospect or client when they have gone radio silent are there as well, as is the sequence of steps to take when we have received a verbal approval from a prospective client to move forward.

The process extends into delivery of our services, where our punchlist templates for each phase of our engagements are ready to go.

All these “how-to’s” are a critical part of our sales process. Without them we would be lost in quicksand.

And yes, we even have a process to post this blog entry, and yes, that is outlined in our sales PlayBook as well!

The ULTIMATE Sales PlayBook Guide


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