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Our Happy Clients

We have been very fortunate to have worked with some pretty incredible people!

Our clients work in a variety of industries. From media, publishing, advertising, and creative to finance, real estate, human resources, accounting, staffing, large retail, logistics, technology, telecommunications, and so many more–we’ve all worked together with one goal: to grow sales and to have fun doing it.

Take a look around to see what our clients say about their experience with CFS!

Trusted Media Brands

“I had the very fortunate experience to work with Criteria for Success on a six-month project to turn around our Sales organization at WebMD. And based on that success, I hired them to train my new teams at Trusted Media Brands Inc. Charles is our project leader and is always inspirational, memorable, engaging and funny — but, he is also extremely buttoned-up and well-prepared. The consummate professional.

I recommend him, his team, and the sales philosophies and techniques that they have perfected, to any consultative sales organization.”

Kirsten Marchioli
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Trusted Media Brands Inc. (fka Reader’s Digest Association)


“I’ve taken numerous sales trainings over the last 8 years, but none offered the perspective and yielded the successful results that Charles’ company, Criteria for Success, did.

I would not be the sales professional I am today without the hands-on coaching from Charles.

I would recommend him and Criteria for Success to any organization looking to help their salespeople grow as individuals and improve their sales results.”

Brett Gubenko
Regional Vice President
Financial Services at Salesforce


“Sales training is an art – one that Charles has perfected. Coaching 40 extremely competitive, talented, difficult Sales Reps at EMC Corporation.

Charles had the humor, knowledge and talent to demand attention, uplevel existing skills, and coach a new level of sales ability.

Teaching new and unique skills is a challenge in a competitive market and delivery and content is key. As a Sales Executive – I would insist that Charles be on my team.”

Sarah Altman
Director of Sales at EMC

More Client Testimonials

“Charles and Criteria for Success represents a ‘breakthrough’ technology in the sales coaching world. While presenters usually present a ‘me’ based list of plans, ideas, and prescriptive solutions to sales problems, CFS presents a holistic approach to the sales process. Examining the philosophy underlying the sale, the way to ‘professionalize’ a sales force, and actually training in progressive best practices creates a consultancy unlike any we’ve ever experience as an organization.

The participants in CFS’ training are motivated and changed as a result of their ideas and the involvement with their teaching method.

Hire this company as fast as you can. It’s an investment, not a cost!”

Mark Laufer, CEO
Laufer Group Int’l Ltd.

“I highly recommend Charles Bernard and the people at his company Criteria for Success. We have partnered with Charles for coaching in the hiring our sales talent, and the training and on boarding of our recruits.

His team has provided our organization tools, coaching and knowledge to help build an award winning sales team.

I truly enjoy working with Charles, he is an insightful, smart and fun guy.”

Wendy Macca
Manager, Human Resources
at Infinity Info Systems

“CFS is an excellent resource to any team motivated to improve their sales performance and activity.

Their understanding of the psychology of buyers and sellers is manifested in the systems and techniques that will lead to positive sales results for your team.

While some of their techniques caused some raised eyebrows during our training, the proof is in the pudding: they really work. I recommend CFS for those of you who desire to transform your sales team from order takers to deal makers, developing members from knowing what needs to be done to doing what needs to be done.”

Peter Morehouse
VP Sales and Marketing
at Ward Leonard

“CFS provided training to sales executives and account managers for two of the organizations that I have worked for. During that time CFS emphasized the value of training a sales organization from a leadership and a practical perspective.

Their coaching abilities enable a sales organization to open their minds to not only the methodology of selling but of the psychology behind the selling process.

They demonstrated that the sales process has as much to do with the mental abilities as it does with the stages of selling. Their courses are designed to the perspective of the buyers as well as the sellers applicable to the business their course is addressing. They teach their students with respect, intellect and a common bond. I would not only highly recommend them but given the chance keep coming back to their practice of successful selling process. Well worth the hire!”

Sarina Tamagna
Account Manager
at Open Solutions
and BT Americas, Inc.

“Charles has been our sales trainer for the past year. He has a deep knowledge of his craft, coupled with terrific listening and communication skills. He is incredibly responsive. He handled the challenge of working with my organization very well. Within a short time we have already started to see results of his work. I recommend him without reservation.”

Gregg S. Fischer
Founder and Chief Investment Officer
at Gerstein Fisher

“Working with CFS has been one of the best experiences my team has had with an outside consulting firm. They deliver consistent results and they have become an important part of our decision making process.”

Adam Eiseman
CEO at The Lloyd Group

“I had the pleasure of working closely with Charles Bernard and his team, Elizabeth and Fil. They are true professionals and have the ability to fully integrate with your company dynamics and support strategic and revenue growth goals. Charles approach to sales training is creative, hands on and inspiring. After a session with Charles his audience is totally engaged and excited for the opportunity to implement his systematic approach. Fil did an outstanding job with customer service training integrating hands on proven in use strategies with video learning. Elizabeth developed and provided continuing support of our CRM system that was critical to our on line sales process initiative. Charles is an intense listener and truly cares about his clients and stakeholders.

I highly recommend his company for sales/customer service training and strategic support. You will like doing business with him and his team.”

Steven Pickert
CEO at Pickert & Associates

“We interviewed a number of consultants to assist us in providing new direction and momentum to our sales efforts and ended up hiring Charles. We are convinced we made the right decision.

Charles displayed tremendous insight into our organization and its personality.

We were able to reorganize and re-energize our sales efforts based on his work. An additional benefit was the Playbook that we developed which has provided us with a structured vehicle for web based organization.

He started out as a consultant and ended up as a friend.”

Alan Scharfstein
President-CEO at The DAK Group

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