Technology Integration Actually Makes Sales Easier

Technology has somewhat seamlessly integrated itself into our everyday lives.

Imagine a day without checking Facebook or taking a picture of whatever you want, whenever you want. It almost seems crazy to think that we ever lived in a disconnected world. But what does technology integration mean for sales? And are you sure that you’re utilizing the vast array of technological resources available?

According to Forrester Researcher, on average, companies only utilize a mere 12% of data they have available. This means 88% of aggregated data is currently not being analyzed by sales and marketing.

Data is extremely important in business sectors such as sales and marketing. The right data means that sales is able to predict which prospects are most likely to convert. Data points to any trend in the type of person that uses your product or service, making it easier for sales and marketing to pinpoint future leads that follow a similar trend.

In essence, data is what enables sales professionals to adequately decipher the difference between possible clients and possible dead-ends.

Technology and the data associated with it provides unprecedented selling power to salespeople. And just in case you had any shadow of a doubt left, check out the statistics below.

Statistics that Prove Technology Integration Makes Selling Easier:

  • 78% of salespeople using social media outperform those who don’t – Forbes
  • The average return on investment on CRM is $5.60 for every dollar spent – Baseline
  • 93% of people using mobile to research end up buying a product or service – Salesforce
  • 55% of consumers browsing online plan to make a purchase within an hour – Salesforce
  • 30-50% of sales go to the vendor who responds first – Brevet

So, after the cold hard facts, you can’t deny that technology matters in today’s sales world. Whether it has to do with sales training, sales success, or sales process, technology integration is crucial. Furthermore, it’s important to document your technology best practices in your Sales PlayBook. Especially relevant would be CRM use and integration, along with other apps that provide the data that sales needs.

What are your favorite ways that you achieve technology integration? And what data have you found valuable? Let us know in the comments!
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