Eleven Strategies for Team and Self Motivation

Have you ever struggled with with team and self motivation?

The struggle of motivating others – or motivating yourself – can seem an insurmountable challenge. Most people generally know what needs to be done; the trouble is that they don’t do it.

Below are eleven strategies for motivation that can be used to motivate yourself or your team to achieve a goal or accomplish a task.

Strategies for Team and Self Motivation:

  1. Offer clear incentives. The old saying about the carrot vs. the stick holds true – people are motivated more by hope than by fear. An eager team working toward a reward will almost always be more productive than a team struggling to keep their jobs.
  2. Identify the destination, but not the path. Most people feel stifled when given extremely detailed instructions. Set clear goals and let your team figure out how to accomplish them.
  3. Foster a team culture. People will be more effective when they can build on each others’ strength, and no one wants to let the team down.
  4. Recognize achievement. Offer both one-on-one and group recognition. Everyone likes to know that their work is appreciated.
  5. Create a game. People love to solve problems and overcome challenges. Turn your goal into a game and enthusiasm will soar.
  6. Give prompt feedback. Feedback, whether positive or negative, should be given quickly and often. Don’t wait until it’s too late to let someone know they’re going in the wrong direction.
  7. Identify the consequences of failure. Don’t threaten people, but clearly communicate what will happen if you don’t succeed. Make people aware of the results for everyone involved, not just themselves.
  8. Set clear milestones. Everyone procrastinates, and one big deadline is an invitation for failure. Instead, set up a series of milestones that will lead you to your goal.
  9. Demand improvement. Continue to set higher targets. People like to be pushed, and it’s easy to stagnate when goals never change.
  10. Communicate. Communicate openly and respectfully with your team, and they will do the same with you.
  11. Create opportunities. People need to know they have the opportunity to advance. Make sure they know that their hard work will pay off.

Do you have any different strategies for achieving team and self motivation? Let us know in the comments.

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