What is Poor Sales Management Anyway?

A common problem our Sales PlayBook addresses is poor sales management. So when I mention it, I often get: “What? We have a great sales manager!” That’s because the term “sales management” needs a little clarification, so let me do that now. Sales Management vs. A Sales Manager To be clear: sales management relates to [...]

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Time Block It! Sales Management is All About Time Management

Tick tock, tick tock… sales management is all about time management! The sales process isn’t easy—it involves a ton of organization, planning, and administrative tasks—and as you’ve probably discovered, time is at the crux of it all. Time Sucks Whether you are a salesperson or a sales manager (or a CEO for that matter), you [...]

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3 Ideas to Kick a Sales Challenge in the Curve

As summer comes to an end, it’s time to ramp up the volume and kick that sales challenge right in the curve! What the heck am I talking about? I’m referring to the good ole J-Curve, of course. The J-Curve The J-Curve is a concept often used in economics to describe an initial negative return [...]

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DIY Sales Management Training: Checklists

Sales team meetings happen randomly or not at all. He dives right into some opportunities – even seeming to take over – and ignores others with no rhyme or reason. She has favorites on the team who seem to get away with anything. He provides no feedback or coaching until a sales rep is on [...]

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Are You Reinventing the Wheel?

We spend a lot of time at CFS inventing things. We come up with new offerings, revised messaging, new meeting agendas, and updated presentations. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come into the office on Monday morning to hear that Charles or Wyeth has developed a completely new sales or delivery tool over [...]

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Get It Out of the Way!

Ever had a difficult phone call you needed to make? Maybe it was a prospect from whom you were expecting a refusal, a client you needed to inform of a problem, or even a valued customer who was overdue on an invoice. Did you keep putting the call off? You didn’t want to start your [...]

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Concentration Can Make The Difference

The way the story goes, Arnold Palmer was playing up the 18th hole of 1961 Masters golf championship when he saw an old friend in the gallery. Palmer was winning by a shot and had parred the 18th hole the previous three rounds. All Palmer had to do was par the last hole to claim [...]

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The Discipline of Waiting

When we think of discipline, most of us think of doing things we don’t want to. In our personal lives, it’s going for a run when all you want to do is sit on the couch. In selling, it’s making those cold calls, asking for referrals, and going on as many sales calls as you [...]

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