20 Team Building Quotes to Drive Sales Growth

Here at CFS, we love quotes that inspire and motivate and this week it’s all about team building quotes to help drive sales growth. “Two is better than one,” they say (name those lyrics!). We couldn’t agree more. We’ve worked with quite a few sales teams and have discovered that with collaboration comes great power [...]

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Sales Process Steps & How a Sales PlayBook Can Help

If you're a sales manager or salesperson looking for the best sales process steps, I have a secret (and you're not gonna like it): you already have them. Hold on! Don’t click away. Let me explain. Here at CFS, we’ve worked with hundreds of salespeople, sales managers, and CEOs—providing us with tons and tons of [...]

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Build a Winning Team Culture the EP Way

Last month Charles and I were in Reno, Nevada, meeting with a new client. We’ve been impressed with their healthy team culture, and we were excited to meet them in person and learn more about what makes them that way. As we were exploring their website before our meeting, we saw mentions of their mission, [...]

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Unmotivated Sales Team? 3 Sales Meeting Ideas to Inspire & Motivate

Are you a sales manager with an unmotivated sales team? Are you struggling to find sales meeting ideas that will inspire and motivate your team to get moving and just sell already? Sales “headtrash” has a way of getting to the best of us—everyone needs a little pick-me-up every now and then! As a sales [...]

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Collaboration Equals Success! Mark Taylor on The Triad and Tribal Leadership

Tribal Leadership: The Power of Collaboration Here at CFS, we are huge fans of Mark Taylor, triads, and tribal leadership. Don’t know Mark? Well, you certainly should! Mark Taylor is a Manhattan Vistage Chair, CEO Coach, and Leadership Speaker. Our team has had the pleasure of working with Mark and learning from his wisdom—which is [...]

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Solving Sales Problems: Disconnects Kill Sales!

Solving sales problems is crucial to sales growth, development, and success. When there are gaps in understanding and communication, organizations suffer. Learning to create trust and make agreements that everyone keeps is essential to a close, connected relationship between management, sales, and the customer. We call fixing this: “bridging the disconnects.” One of the major causes of disconnects [...]

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Leverage Sales Training by Developing a Learning Culture

We’ve all seen companies like it. They invest in sales training programs, but everything seems to go in one ear and out the other. One or two top salespeople seem to do everything right, but the rest of the pack is left struggling. New hires come on board and never seem to gain any traction, [...]

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What’s Your North Star? Finding the KPI that Drives Behavior

Ancient explorers may have been lost in unfamiliar areas, but they knew if they could see the North Star they'd be able to figure out where they were going. Do you have one number your entire team can rally behind? In a retail environment, this might be customer interactions. In an online setting, it might [...]

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Wake Up! 5 Strategies to Make Your Sales Team Meetings Less Boring

Sales managers, I have some bad news for you. Your salespeople probably don't like sales team meetings. They find them boring and unproductive. Wait – you’re not surprised? Is that because you agree with them? In speaking with hundreds of salespeople and sales managers over the years, we’ve discovered that just about all of them [...]

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6 Sales Training Ideas for Your Next Team Meeting

When you hear “sales training,” you probably think of an offsite retreat. You and your team are sitting in a conference room somewhere for one or two days learning new processes, techniques, and methods for selling. You’re also hearing from product managers, the marketing team, and sales leadership. This type of sales training is important! [...]

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