Storytelling: How & Why It Will Transform Your Team to Excellence

Webinar Replay! Are you a Sales Manager, Sales VP, Senior Leader, or Salesperson that's looking to transform your team to sales excellence? It's all about storytelling! In this webinar, Jerome Deroy, CEO of Narativ, Inc. will take you through the principles of his company's listening and storytelling method, using examples from their experiences working with Fortune [...]

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Top Sellers Teach! But First, They Listen and Learn

What are top sellers? Well first, they’re people! Second, they sell things (products or services). And perhaps most notable: they’re successful at selling. In most organizations, top sellers have a reputation. Because well, they’re usually very good at their job! But unfortunately, the reputation I’m referring to isn’t always about how good they are at [...]

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How to Practice Sales: Becoming a Better B2B Salesperson

Do you know the single most important behavior a salesperson can engage in to become a better seller? (Spoiler Alert: This is a lot like the old joke, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?”) Practice. In Susan Cain’s book Quiet, she dedicates a section to the value of solo practice in developing a skill [...]

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