Features Tell, Stories Sell: Great Salespeople Share Success Stories

Great salespeople share success stories! Features tell, stories sell. Watch what Charles has to say about sharing success stories in this video: https://youtu.be/wNrmHWrUMWM Success Stories Video Transcript: I noticed salespeople don't do a lot of this: tell stories. “Features tell, stories sell.” Anyone ever heard that expression? Why do stories sell? Can anyone give [...]

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Micromanagement vs. Babysitting

I was fortunate enough to be the keynote speaker at The New York Staffing Association’s “Super Seminar Day” on Tuesday. The event was held at the prestigious New York Bar Association. Right after giving my speech I was asked to facilitate a roundtable discussion with some of the members of the audience. The topic of [...]

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Give Me a Break!

Hard work, discipline, and knowing what you're doing are essential to accomplishing good results. But don't discount good luck and good support, especially when you're in the doldrums! If a wind of good fortune suddenly picks up, make sure you put it at your back. Breaks come in all shapes and sizes and they are [...]

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Lessons Learned at CFS Forum

We learned an important lesson on Friday: never schedule an event for the last week in August! If I’m not mistaken, everyone in New York was on vacation. Despite – or maybe because of – the small crowd, our Focus Your Lead Generation workshop was fun and informative. The attendees (all of whom had attended [...]

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