Technology Integration Actually Makes Sales Easier

Technology has somewhat seamlessly integrated itself into our everyday lives. Imagine a day without checking Facebook or taking a picture of whatever you want, whenever you want. It almost seems crazy to think that we ever lived in a disconnected world. But what does technology integration mean for sales? And are you sure that you’re [...]

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LinkedIn Etiquette: How to Get Noticed Without Being Creepy

Let’s face it… LinkedIn etiquette is a real thing here in 2016, soon to be 2017. Fifty years ago it was considered poor etiquette to eat corn off the cob. (Yes, that’s right, fork and knife only!). People also wrote thank you notes. Men opened the car door for women. Families ate dinner together. And [...]

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Upcoming Events (Local & Online): Your Social Selling PlayBook & High Performance with DEAL

Fall is in full swing here in the northeast and we’re getting out to enjoy the fresh air with these upcoming events! This month we will be hanging out with folks from the New York Inbound Marketing Professionals Meetup here in NYC. Next month, it’s all about staffing and recruiting at the New Jersey Staffing [...]

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Why I Deleted 700 LinkedIn Connections

Just 72 hours ago I had over 1400 LinkedIn connections–now I’m down to just 700. That’s right, I deleted half of all my connections and am not done yet. I think I can delete another 200 connections in the coming days. Are you thinking: Why would you do that? Well, let me explain what happened [...]

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How to Increase Sales Using LinkedIn

Wondering how to increase sales using LinkedIn? Want to know how to use LinkedIn to its full potential without sending hundreds of cold emails? Want to know a LinkedIn prospecting strategy that works universally for salespeople, sales managers, CEOs, and others? I wondered the same things too, and was determined to figure it out. I [...]

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Best Books on Sales: 27 Reads to Inspire Salespeople and Sales Managers

Now is the perfect time to read some of the best books on sales and really get your year off on the right foot! Beyond the obvious sales tips and ideas that books on sales offer—I’ve found that the true power of a great sales book is the following: The best books on sales inspire, [...]

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11 Reasons Why Social Media Is Important in Sales

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, Vine, Vimeo—these social media platforms have become not only a normal part of our vocabulary, but have influenced the way we interact, buy, and sell.  As a sales manager, you have likely been working with a lead generation process that has been the same for years. Perhaps your [...]

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Revamp Your Sales PlayBook! It’s All About Social Selling

From sales and marketing to social selling and social media, it's not just the buzzwords that have changed: the process has evolved too. In the world of sales, we are at a tipping point. The traditional sales method (or Old School, as I refer to it in my last blog post) is still alive and [...]

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You Posted WHAT?! The Importance of a Social Media Policy for Sales

Why You Need a Social Media Policy for Sales People talk a lot about social media in selling, and one of the first topics that often comes up is a social media policy. What is it, and why might you need one? If you need one, what should you include? Imagine you have a salesperson [...]

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