Sales Challenge: Do Relationships Still Matter in a Tech-Driven World?

A sales challenge commonly asked in our tech-driven world: do relationships still matter? Just a few years ago online publishers and ad networks, which were just a conglomeration of smaller publishers, controlled the supply of digital advertising inventory. They employed an army of salespeople who sold commoditized media directly to advertisers. In that world, the [...]

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11 Reasons Why Social Media Is Important in Sales

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube, Vine, Vimeo—these social media platforms have become not only a normal part of our vocabulary, but have influenced the way we interact, buy, and sell.  As a sales manager, you have likely been working with a lead generation process that has been the same for years. Perhaps your [...]

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Revamp Your Sales PlayBook! It’s All About Social Selling

From sales and marketing to social selling and social media, it's not just the buzzwords that have changed: the process has evolved too. In the world of sales, we are at a tipping point. The traditional sales method (or Old School, as I refer to it in my last blog post) is still alive and [...]

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You Posted WHAT?! The Importance of a Social Media Policy for Sales

Why You Need a Social Media Policy for Sales People talk a lot about social media in selling, and one of the first topics that often comes up is a social media policy. What is it, and why might you need one? If you need one, what should you include? Imagine you have a salesperson [...]

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Innovative Executives Use Social Media to Leverage the Network Effect

In the age of technology, social media is king and the network effect has never been more valuable. I commute to work using the New York City subway system where passengers stare listlessly at their smartphones. Even three stories underground people are reading emails, scrolling Facebook, watching videos, or playing Candy Crush. Every subway ride [...]

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T-Rex Goes Social: Why Social Media for Business Matters

Social media: it’s been the number one topic of conversation among the CEOs I’ve been hanging with lately, with the top question being, “how do we make money from social media?” I think that’s the wrong question to ask at the moment. Maybe it’s the right question once social media has matured, but not right [...]

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How to Optimize Your New LinkedIn Header

In case you haven’t noticed, as of earlier this month LinkedIn Premium users have a big new perk: Facebook/Twitter-style banner headers. LinkedIn was already an amazing tool for prospecting, and this new feature gives users the opportunity to stand out and send a strong message to their profile visitors. The new feature also means visitors [...]

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Social Selling: What it is and How to Use it

This is a guest post by Al Berrios, originally published on his blog #makesocialeasy. Al is a social media strategist and consultant who helps companies make social media marketing easy, productive, and profitable. Lots of talk out there about using social media (especially LinkedIn) to sell B2B - also called "social selling." I’m here to tell you [...]

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The Internet and Sales: What Does it Mean?

When thinking about the internet and sales, its important to remember that, although it changes how people retrieve information, it also makes it easier to do so. As an example of how the Internet and sales work together I will discuss a time when I was asked to find a lead provider that could give my [...]

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