How to Meet (and Exceed!) Your Sales Quota

Did you meet your sales quota last quarter? And what about last year? Did you meet your annual sales quota? If you’re reading this, it’s likely because you’re not quite meeting your sales quota. Maybe you’re just slightly off each quarter. Or maybe you’re missing it by a mile. Whatever the case, there is hope [...]

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How Senior Management Works with Sales

If you’re in senior management and wondering how to be effective, especially for your sales department, you’re not alone. This article is for C-level or executive level management, with a broad scope of authority and multiple layers of management. The C-Suite, traditionally CEO, COO, and CFO—provides guidance to direct reports. This might include VP of [...]

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How to Manage Your Remote Customer Service Team

Remote working provides both employers and employees with numerous benefits. So, it is no surprise that this type of work environment is quickly increasing in popularity. In fact, Amazon announced in April that it was adding 5,000 new remote customer support agents. And the Quarterly Journal of Economics published a study in 2015 saying that [...]

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Need a Change Management Plan? 36 Signs to Look For

It’s easy to jump into a sales improvement initiative without developing a change management plan. Sometimes you can get lucky and it all works out! Unfortunately, skipping a change management plan often results in a failed initiative. Here are 36 signs to look for to see if you need to develop a change management plan [...]

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Let’s Talk Sales! Agile Selling with Robert Weiss – Episode 13

The featured guest on episode 13 is Robert Weiss. Robert is the President of MultiVision Digital, a digital marketing company. MultiVision specializes in developing and executing video content marketing strategies to increase sales, lead generation, and client loyalty. With years of expertise and a senior staff of talented individuals, MultiVision Digital’s video content marketing services [...]

Customer Service Training for Sales: Why It’s Important & What to Do

So, you’ve trained your customer service department. Now what about customer service training for salespeople? Most organizations understand just how important great customer service can be. They know that it’s the difference between a repeat customer and a potential reputation crisis if an interaction isn’t handled properly. But a lot of companies seem to script [...]

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Customer Service Scripts for Sales Managers & Salespeople

Looking for customer service scripts that your sales team can use to manage client relationships? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Now before we get into the customer service scripts, I’d like to first refer you to a post I wrote a few weeks back. It’s called Customer Service Tips for Sales Managers: How [...]

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Let’s Talk Sales! Customer Service in Sales eBook Interview – Episode 6

Customer service is an important part of the sales process. And this month on the CFS blog, we're focused on all things customer service. In this episode of Let's Talk Sales, our Director of Marketing, Rebecca Smith, interviews our Marketing & Sales Coordinator, Arianna Miskel, on her newest eBook: Why Customer Service Matters in Sales: [...]

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Customer Service Tips for Sales Managers: How to Coach Your Team

Are you a sales manager looking for customer service tips? Well, you’ve come to the right place! We’re focused on customer service development on the blog this month. And today, we’re diving into customer service tips to help sales managers in their coaching efforts. Let’s explore. Customer Service Tips When it comes to selling, customer [...]

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How to Build and Manage a Successful Team of Remote Marketers

There are substantial benefits associated with hiring a remote workforce, such as keeping in-house operating costs to a minimum and improving the job satisfaction rating of your remote workers. These benefits are particularly advantageous for smaller businesses and startups that may need the skills and experience of professional marketers while having budgetary limitations. However, managing [...]

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