Want Buy-In from Senior Leadership? This is How You Get It

As a salesperson or sales manager, it’s your job to show people value, to solve problems, and to establish and nurture relationships. But what happens when these tasks are focused internally, and not externally? What happens when you’re pitching to senior leadership: your very own bosses! Believe it or not, there’s not much that changes. [...]

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Implementing Organizational Change Starts with Mindset

Have you ever heard the phrase “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?" Anyone who has begun implementing organizational change can definitely relate to it. You’ll run into pretty much every personality in the book as you set out on your journey to organizational change. So, what do you do when your meticulously-planned out [...]

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7 Ways Change is an Opportunity

Change is uncomfortable and scary. It forces us outside of our comfort zones and requires effort that we oftentimes aren't prepared for. But with change, comes growth. In this webinar, you'll discover 7 Ways Change is an Opportunity. Our Director of Marketing, Rebecca Smith, shares: Seven practical tips to transform feelings of fear, uncertainty, and [...]

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Storytelling: How & Why It Will Transform Your Team to Excellence

Webinar Replay! Are you a Sales Manager, Sales VP, Senior Leader, or Salesperson that's looking to transform your team to sales excellence? It's all about storytelling! In this webinar, Jerome Deroy, CEO of Narativ, Inc. will take you through the principles of his company's listening and storytelling method, using examples from their experiences working with Fortune [...]

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Free Webinar: High-Profit Prospecting: How to Create a Sales Force that Wins

As a sales manager, you understand the value of a full pipeline. But what about your sales team? Top producers prospect--constantly, in fact! "But how?" you ask, "In the age of the Internet, isn't cold-calling dead?" Join us as we discuss how to create a sales force that wins with sales expert and author of [...]

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Complimentary Webinar: How Your Sales Process Can Make or Break Your Business

As a sales manager, the sales process you follow (or don't follow) can make or break you. We understand just how difficult creating and using a sales process can be--not to mention managing a team (or multiple teams) of people that are also following the process. That's why we’re bringing in the experts to talk [...]

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The Sales Methodology Every Sales Manager Should Adopt

As a sales manager, which sales methodology should you adopt (if any)? To start, there are a lot of sales methodologies out there. There’s The Challenger Sale, Meddic, Target Account Selling, Spin Selling, Solution Selling, and even our very own DEAL (plus a bunch more). With all of these methodologies, it can be confusing. Your [...]

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