Setting Goals? Keep Your Sales Budget in Mind

I've been spending February writing about sales goals. When you think about your sales goal, you need to take the cost of sales into account. This is a key component to your sales budget. As you work to adjust your sales budget to reflect your sales goals, keep the following principles in mind. Balance New [...]

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Let’s Talk Sales! Providing Value with Evan Wainberg – Episode 23

The featured guest on episode 23 is Evan Wainberg. Evan is the Channel Partner Manager at EventMobi, a meeting and events technology company. EventMobi helps event planners increase engagement, drive new revenue, and collect new data and analytic to highlight the success of their events. Evan is focused on helping others and on being a [...]

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Aligning Sales Activities to Goals

A sales rep may know their sales goal, but are their daily sales activities aligned with that goal? As a sales leader, there’s a lot you can do to help your team align their activities to their goals. Here are three best practices. Use Prospecting Action Plans A monthly Prospecting Action Plan is a simple [...]

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Let’s Talk Sales! Goal Setting with Elizabeth Frederick – Episode 21

February has arrived, and it's time to talk about goal setting! All month on the CFS blog, we're talking about goal setting and achieving those beautiful sales goals. In this episode of Let's Talk Sales, I interviewed our Operations Officer & Senior Advisor, Elizabeth Frederick, on goal setting. She recently published a new eBook called The [...]

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Let’s Talk Sales! Inspirational Quote by Bill Copeland – Episode 20

Do you feel like goals don't matter? Or that setting long-term goals is a waste of time? This quote by Bill Copeland will help you see the importance of goal setting. Read on to learn more about this week's Let's Talk Sales inspiration. Bill Copeland Quote In this episode of Let's Talk Sales, it's all [...]

How Senior Management Works with Sales

If you’re in senior management and wondering how to be effective, especially for your sales department, you’re not alone. This article is for C-level or executive level management, with a broad scope of authority and multiple layers of management. The C-Suite, traditionally CEO, COO, and CFO—provides guidance to direct reports. This might include VP of [...]

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Let’s Talk Sales! Master Your Cash Flow with Al Zdenek – Episode 19

The featured guest on episode 19 is Al Zdenek. Al is the CEO & President of Traust Sollus Wealth Management and author of Master Your Cash Flow. As a wealth advisor and thought leader, Al focuses on helping his clients make the best financial decisions possible. Al believes that anyone can have the financial future [...]

Let’s Talk Sales! Inspiring Change Q&A with Charles Bernard – Episode 17

This week's Let's Talk Sales episode is all about inspiring change! And today, we're introducing a very special new segment of Let's Talk Sales: our Q&A series. Our vision for the Let's Talk Sales podcast is to help sales leaders and salespeople to grow and improve. And we thought: how can we help? Well, we [...]

To Improve Performance: Do What You’re Doing Better

Every effective sales leader helps their employees to improve performance at both individual and team levels. In general, people don’t have to do radically different things to improve their performance. They just have to do what they’re doing better! Foster Goal-Setting and Accountability I’ve been speaking a lot lately about how to improve performance with [...]

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