Sales App of the Month: CamScanner

Read on to learn how our Sales App of the Month, CamScanner, can help your efficiency as a person in the sales industry. Tell me if you’ve heard this one before. A salesperson walks out of a meeting and it couldn't have gone better. They conveyed value and effectively connected how their solution can address [...]

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Sales App of the Month: VOSTIT

Did you know that VOSTIT could change your sales game? The other day I was reviewing the performance of our web leads and discovered we weren't making many connections. For some managers, this would force them to go into Batman mode. That's when your manager becomes a vigilante who sneaks up on you unexpectedly and [...]

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Sales App of the Month: 3 Tools to Make Selling Easier

Sales App of the Month If you've been looking for a sales app to make your life easier and more productive... so were we. A couple of months ago I was meeting with our sales staff to talk about the importance of leveraging technology during the sales process. During our discussion, I was sharing some [...]

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A Valued Connection: 6 Rules to Getting LinkedIn Referrals

Getting LinkedIn referrals doesn't have to be a debilitating job. Read on to learn how having a simple presence is enough to get referrals. If you’re a salesperson who networks, chances are you already have a LinkedIn profile. Remember how it all began? Initially, you were excited about all the potential connections you can make [...]

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