Jason Lavin Shares Marketing Ideas to Fuel Your Sales Funnel

As the Marketing Director here at CFS, I am constantly looking for marketing ideas that will fuel the sales funnel. More specifically, I am looking for qualified leads to fuel the sales funnel and keep it from running dry. So, it was my lucky day when Mark Taylor, NYC Vistage Chair and friend, invited our [...]

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Are Your Ears Buzzing? 13 Business Networking Tips from The Pros

When it comes to business networking, is there a secret sauce? At CFS, we certainly have a system for this (stay tuned for our new resource on Networking to be released next week!)—But what about others? I just had to know, so I asked! I spoke with two very bright and active networkers about connecting [...]

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How to Network During the Holidays: 8 Tips for Business Networking Success

With an abundance of parties and events, the holiday season can seem like a great time for networking. It’s not always easy, though, to know how to network without seeming to be too focused on the work part of networking. After all, you don’t want to be the Grinch! Here are 8 tips to help [...]

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Discounting in Sales: Why Great Salespeople Never Offer Discounts

When it comes to making a deal, offering a discount can seem tempting—but discounting in sales can be a slippery slope. In the minds of our prospects, a discount can appear desperate and devalue the product or service at stake. Here’s the thing: maybe you have fallen into a desperate position as a Sales Manager [...]

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Ho-Ho-Holiday Networking!

The plethora of party invites may seem like a drag, but they are actually goldmines for "holiday networking" You’ve got to love the holiday season! The smell of hot chocolate on a cold winter day, the holiday decor found in every retail store and most importantly, spending time with those you cherish most. Everyone seems [...]

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The Second-Best Compliment

We always say the best compliment a client or former client can give you is a referral – it means they were so happy with your service they are willing to recommend it to a friend. Well, if a referral is the best compliment, repeat business has to be second best. This week has been [...]

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Ask and You Shall Receive

Here’s a quick story. A good friend and peer in my CEO roundtable invited me to a networking event at the end of May. I was interested in going because of the people that he told me would be there. He also told me that he would introduce me to someone that he thought would [...]

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Learning from the Buy Side

On Wednesday I led a session in our Sales Improvement Forum series called Referrals: the Holy Grail of Sales. We had our usual group of business owners, senior company executives, and salespeople. However, amid all the “sellers,” we also had a senior member from a major banking institution – someone qualified to represent the “buy [...]

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Five Reasons Not to Ask for Referrals

If you’re familiar at all with what we here at CFS usually do, you are probably staring at the screen right now in complete bafflement. Who is this crazy person telling me not to go after referrals? Don’t these people normally beg me to start a referral program, find referral partners, do anything – anything [...]

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Five Ways to Earn Your “Green Thumb” in Sales

At the office, my nickname (or one of the nicer ones anyway) is "the gardener." Right now, you may be asking yourself how on earth I gained such a strange title. The truth is, while actual dirt and plants are far beyond me, I truly believe in (and often tell my team about) the importance [...]

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