The Importance of Lead Generation

Many businesses are struggling right now—especially when it comes to sales. Many of these struggles are due to the poor economy. However, some salespeople are running out of gas because they believe they've hit the upper limit of people and companies to sell their products or services. In reality, these salespeople might not be looking hard enough or in the [...]

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Regaining Productivity: Avoid Technology Overload

Avoid technology overload by implementing old school practices with new ones. In this constantly evolving world one thing is constant: Businesses are relying more and more on technology. Obviously advanced technology such as smart phones, emails, and new computers, can be a major help when it comes to getting things done. In many cases, however, [...]

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Fix Your Failing Sales Team Meetings

Don't get held back by failing sales team meetings, fix them! We’ve interviewed hundreds of sales managers over the years, and some of their biggest complaints are that team meetings are frustrating, monotonous, and unproductive. What’s going wrong? Should sales teams just stop meeting altogether? Instead of avoiding sales team meetings, use these five strategies [...]

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The iPad Surpasses Expectations!

After several weeks of patiently waiting for our popularly demanded iPad to arrive, it finally did. And boy, are we excited! After carefully reading the minimal directions provided and downloading iTunes, it was ready to run. The set up was simple, and I was pleased with the accuracy of the touch screen and the size [...]

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The Danger of High Expectations

QuickBooks Online is down today. Apparently the outage started at 7 p.m. Pacific time yesterday, but I only noticed when I tried to log in first thing this morning. Since then, I’ve been refreshing the page hourly to see if it’s back up – I can’t generate invoices, pay bills, or view our financial reports. [...]

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