7 No Drama Ways to Break Up With a Prospect [Sales Email Template]

For salespeople, time is their most valuable resource. A few weeks ago, Charles shared his sales email template for shortening the sales cycle - consider this Part 2. Any amount of time one of your salespeople spends chasing non-responsive prospects is time she could be spending closing deals or building productive pipeline. As a sales manager, [...]

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6 Essential Elements of a Winning Sales PlayBook

Have you ever been on a sales call and encountered a totally unfamiliar situation? Maybe it was a sales objection you weren’t ready to handle, a tricky custom solution, or a question about one of your other offerings. Whether or not that roadblock caused you to lose the sale or miss a cross-sell opportunity, it [...]

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Shorten the Sales Cycle with this 4-Part Email Template

Today I want to introduce you to a core selling philosophy at CFS. We believe the best salespeople keep their buyer engaged through the whole sales process. They solicit feedback, ask good questions, and get their buyer to invest a little bit of her own time and energy in the buying process. One the most [...]

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How to Set Up the Perfect Sales Pipeline

One question we get from a lot of clients is how to set up the perfect sales pipeline. Many companies use percentages – “50% likely to close” or similar. The problem I find with this system is deals either happen or they don’t. They don’t 50% happen. Using a percentage system lets the salesperson apply [...]

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Common Problems Salespeople Experience

Many salespeople fall into the trap of describing their products and services to their prospects. In this age of information overload, it's likely your prospect already knows all about what you offer. Instead, start by identifying the problems your prospects are facing. You can then frame the solutions you present in terms of their specific [...]

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Sales App of the Month: CamScanner

Read on to learn how our Sales App of the Month, CamScanner, can help your efficiency as a person in the sales industry. Tell me if you’ve heard this one before. A salesperson walks out of a meeting and it couldn't have gone better. They conveyed value and effectively connected how their solution can address [...]

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Sales App of the Month: VOSTIT

Did you know that VOSTIT could change your sales game? The other day I was reviewing the performance of our web leads and discovered we weren't making many connections. For some managers, this would force them to go into Batman mode. That's when your manager becomes a vigilante who sneaks up on you unexpectedly and [...]

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