Aligning Sales Activities to Goals

A sales rep may know their sales goal, but are their daily sales activities aligned with that goal? As a sales leader, there’s a lot you can do to help your team align their activities to their goals. Here are three best practices. Use Prospecting Action Plans A monthly Prospecting Action Plan is a simple [...]

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Fitting Sales Into Your Marketing Campaign

When you’re planning a marketing campaign, it’s easy to focus on marketing activities. What content needs to be developed? Who are you targeting? What platforms will you be using? But if the goal of your marketing campaign is to drive sales, don’t forget to include the sales team in your marketing campaign. Here are three [...]

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3 Purposes of Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasting is a common topic of discussion among sales leaders. Forecasting can shape the stock market and drive key business decisions. But if you listen to what people say about sales forecasting, you might discover that people are sometimes having different conversations. One person might be talking about sales targets, while others are talking [...]

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