Solving Sales Problems: Disconnects Kill Sales!

Solving sales problems is crucial to sales growth, development, and success. When there are gaps in understanding and communication, organizations suffer. Learning to create trust and make agreements that everyone keeps is essential to a close, connected relationship between management, sales, and the customer. We call fixing this: “bridging the disconnects.” One of the major causes of disconnects [...]

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Hiring Practices: How to Hire the Best Salespeople (Ever!)

When it comes to hiring practices for salespeople, does your team have a system? Do you know what to look for (or avoid) in a salesperson, and how to vet them properly during the hiring process? I love writing about this topic for a few reasons. First, I find the interview process very exciting—there’s nothing [...]

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You Listened to Your Prospect and Waited Until the New Year – Now What?

“That sounds great, but I don’t have any budget right now.” “We’ve planned our projects for the rest of the year, and this doesn’t fit in.” “Can you give me a call next quarter? We’ll be working on next year’s budget then, and I’ll see if we can fit this in.” Sound familiar? Well it’s [...]

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6 Sales Training Ideas for Your Next Team Meeting

When you hear “sales training,” you probably think of an offsite retreat. You and your team are sitting in a conference room somewhere for one or two days learning new processes, techniques, and methods for selling. You’re also hearing from product managers, the marketing team, and sales leadership. This type of sales training is important! [...]

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3 Techniques to Tell an Objection From a Refusal

Sometimes, a prospect just won’t fit with your solution. Don’t stress! It’s better to figure that out early than waste time chasing an unproductive lead. An outright refusal can actually be a gift – it lets you clean out your pipeline and focus on remaining deals with higher potential. Before you start pulling out your [...]

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How to Handle Sales Objections in 5 Steps

Are sales objections stopping you in your tracks? Fielding unexpected objections can be one of the most daunting aspects of sales, especially for a new hire or someone new to selling entirely. This fear is also a leading cause of debilitating Head Trash that can keep salespeople from making enough cold-calls or setting up new [...]

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Customers Know More Than Salespeople

Have you ever sat across from a prospect who can rattle off more details about your product or service than you can? As the meeting moves along you notice that they are using industry buzz words and even know what your competitors are doing. No, don't search around for a camera, and don’t expect Ashton [...]

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Don’t Forget to Tie Your Shoelaces! – Five Don’ts for Salespeople

When following the don'ts for salespeople, its important to remember that becoming a great salesperson begins from the foundation up.  You must follow your intuition, keep your confidence, and focus on being present in your life and actions. Five Don'ts for Salespeople: Don’t lose momentum. Prospecting is like a flywheel. It takes a while to [...]

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Thank You for…Objecting?

I recently came across a rather interesting article, “Thank-you for Pointing Out My Mistake” by Kelley Robertson. At the end of the article, Roberson pointed out that while we all hate it when someone tells us we’re wrong, taking responsibility for your error can be an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and build [...]

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Silent, but Deadly Objections

Sometimes, the hardest part of handling an objection is recognizing it in the first place. I vividly remember one prospective client who met with us at our office. As he sat with us, pouring out details about his business, we captured all the important steps, including narrowing down his top four requirements for improvement. Not [...]

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