5 Top Sources to Help You Find New Sales Leads

Finding more leads can be one of the most frustrating parts of a job in sales.  Many salespeople feel confident closing new business, but can’t find or nurture leads well enough to develop a steady pipeline of new opportunities. In some companies, leads are provided by the marketing department, while in others salespeople must fend [...]

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Ho-Ho-Holiday Networking!

The plethora of party invites may seem like a drag, but they are actually goldmines for "holiday networking" You’ve got to love the holiday season! The smell of hot chocolate on a cold winter day, the holiday decor found in every retail store and most importantly, spending time with those you cherish most. Everyone seems [...]

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A Valued Connection: 6 Rules to Getting LinkedIn Referrals

Getting LinkedIn referrals doesn't have to be a debilitating job. Read on to learn how having a simple presence is enough to get referrals. If you’re a salesperson who networks, chances are you already have a LinkedIn profile. Remember how it all began? Initially, you were excited about all the potential connections you can make [...]

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