Why I Deleted 700 LinkedIn Connections

Just 72 hours ago I had over 1400 LinkedIn connections–now I’m down to just 700. That’s right, I deleted half of all my connections and am not done yet. I think I can delete another 200 connections in the coming days. Are you thinking: Why would you do that? Well, let me explain what happened [...]

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Best Books on Sales: 27 Reads to Inspire Salespeople and Sales Managers

Now is the perfect time to read some of the best books on sales and really get your year off on the right foot! Beyond the obvious sales tips and ideas that books on sales offer—I’ve found that the true power of a great sales book is the following: The best books on sales inspire, [...]

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Are Your Ears Buzzing? 13 Business Networking Tips from The Pros

When it comes to business networking, is there a secret sauce? At CFS, we certainly have a system for this (stay tuned for our new resource on Networking to be released next week!)—But what about others? I just had to know, so I asked! I spoke with two very bright and active networkers about connecting [...]

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Business Networking Tips: How to Build Your Network in 3 Simple Steps

There are many business networking tips out there--but what if you only needed 3 simple steps to build your network? Let’s explore this together… Networking: interacting with other people to exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one’s career. Insanity: Continuing to do the same thing, expecting different results. I would posit that most [...]

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How to Network During the Holidays: 8 Tips for Business Networking Success

With an abundance of parties and events, the holiday season can seem like a great time for networking. It’s not always easy, though, to know how to network without seeming to be too focused on the work part of networking. After all, you don’t want to be the Grinch! Here are 8 tips to help [...]

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Sales Challenge: Do Relationships Still Matter in a Tech-Driven World?

A sales challenge commonly asked in our tech-driven world: do relationships still matter? Just a few years ago online publishers and ad networks, which were just a conglomeration of smaller publishers, controlled the supply of digital advertising inventory. They employed an army of salespeople who sold commoditized media directly to advertisers. In that world, the [...]

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Give Up on Business Networking! How to Get Sales Leads the Easy Way

If you’ve all but given up on business networking, I’m here to tell you: we’ve all been there. Whether you regret giving up those precious hours of morning sleep or sacrificing time with friends to attend the after-hours event that left you looking like the walking dead the next morning—I get it. All too often [...]

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Revamp Your Sales PlayBook! It’s All About Social Selling

From sales and marketing to social selling and social media, it's not just the buzzwords that have changed: the process has evolved too. In the world of sales, we are at a tipping point. The traditional sales method (or Old School, as I refer to it in my last blog post) is still alive and [...]

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Innovative Executives Use Social Media to Leverage the Network Effect

In the age of technology, social media is king and the network effect has never been more valuable. I commute to work using the New York City subway system where passengers stare listlessly at their smartphones. Even three stories underground people are reading emails, scrolling Facebook, watching videos, or playing Candy Crush. Every subway ride [...]

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My Sales Philosophy – Build Your Brand First

A wise Sales Manager early in my career once told me when onboarding at a large company: Build your brand. Build your network. Build your business. He was clear about the importance of the order of operation, and I think that his wisdom ultimately became part of how I run my business and a core [...]

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