Not Generating Sales Leads? Just Pick a Customer, Any Customer

When it comes to generating sales leads, do your sales and marketing people a favor and give them a customer evolution model that helps them spend quality time in the right places. This way, they never have to worry about where to focus their efforts. To really make the process stick, make it part of [...]

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Want to Get More Leads? Recycle!

Do you ever feel that if you could just get more leads, your sales problems would be solved? We have a creative solution – recycle! It may seem like a bit of a stretch, bur read on to see how you can apply the three principles of recycling to lead generation. Reduce The first step [...]

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Open the Floodgates: 6 Steps to Get More Leads

When we work with a new client, the first part of our engagement is the Exploration. Our goal is to get a deep understanding of the client, their processes, their people, and their problems. One of the top problems we hear from each new client is that they need more leads. Whether their salespeople are [...]

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Consultative Selling Using a Common Problems Approach

In my world of sales and sales training, I hear the term “consultative selling” thrown around quite a bit. That term can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people, so I will give you my definition. First of all, consultative selling has two parts. Part one is about establishing comfort [...]

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The Bad Sales Presentation: Shoot First, Ask Questions Later

Being on the receiving end of a bad sales presentation is definitely and awkward, painful experience. The other day I was using our website’s back end tool to update some of our content. As I navigated through the clunky menus, a familiar feeling of frustration swept over me. You know, the kind of frustration that [...]

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Practice Makes Perfect: Sales Pitch Improvement

Seeking sales pitch improvement can be daunting.  Read on to learn how to prioritize practice to optimize your sales pitch improvement. Any learned skill, whether it be basketball, writing, or public speaking, must be practiced to stay sharp. Without practice, your performance in a certain area will slowly deteriorate. You may not notice the decrease [...]

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Toxic Customers: Start the Cleanup

Customers have the ability to make our job a walk in the park, or a never-ending marathon: especially toxic customers. Wouldn’t it be nice if every customer were ‘The One?’ You know, the one who seamlessly meshes with your team and fits your culture to a T. The one who totally buys into your process [...]

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