The Importance of Lead Generation

Many businesses are struggling right now—especially when it comes to sales. Many of these struggles are due to the poor economy. However, some salespeople are running out of gas because they believe they've hit the upper limit of people and companies to sell their products or services. In reality, these salespeople might not be looking hard enough or in the [...]

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Enlarging the Pie: Collaborative Based Sales

When working for commission, it's often difficult to see the big picture of collaborative based sales. My friend’s son Max decided he wanted to buy the new Grand Theft Auto video game. To cut down on the cost, he asked his younger brother Jason if he wanted to chip in. Jason retorted that he was [...]

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Cold Calling Techniques

At CFS, we’re always paying attention to sales advice and techniques shared by others. We've found EyesOnSales to be a great resource for creative solutions to common problems in selling. Below are links to four posts with ideas for how to improve your cold calling. We hope you find them to be a helpful resource! [...]

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