5 Ways Sales Managers Can Help Salespeople Become Better Problem Solvers

All sales managers want great problem solvers on their teams, right? But do you have great problem solvers on your team? Do you have a team that is great at opening doors but fails to ask the right questions? Let’s fix this! 5 Ways Sales Managers Can Help Salespeople Become Better Problem Solvers The word [...]

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Improving Sales Performance: Do You Have the Right People on the Bus?

This February, we'll be talking about solving sales problems and improving sales performance. We have a lot of ideas planned to share strategies and best practices for sales improvement. Before you invest a lot of time and energy in improving your sales team, though, it can be helpful to take a step back and think [...]

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Using Assessments in the Hiring Process – It’s All About Fit

The hiring process for salespeople can be tough. They sell – it’s what they do! So even a somewhat mediocre salesperson (or a good salesperson who’s not a cultural fit for your team), can end up charming the hiring team into thinking they’re a great fit. They’re not to blame, of course – they’re just [...]

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Hiring Practices: How to Hire the Best Salespeople (Ever!)

When it comes to hiring practices for salespeople, does your team have a system? Do you know what to look for (or avoid) in a salesperson, and how to vet them properly during the hiring process? I love writing about this topic for a few reasons. First, I find the interview process very exciting—there’s nothing [...]

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Do We Have Chemistry? The Ultimate Hiring Process Test

Would you like to know how to spot the most important trait during the hiring process? Read on! When we hire an employee, either for our own company or for our clients, we employ a simple but effective exercise within a rigorous hiring process. While the majority of the employees we hire are either in [...]

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Ready, Set,…Hire! Hiring Sales Reps? 5 Steps to Ensure They Hit the Ground Running

If you're like many managers, your budget for the next year includes hiring sales reps. There's an associated expense, and possibly even some offsetting revenue. Have you ever had this go wrong? Maybe you were supposed to hire someone in March, but couldn't find the right person until July. Or your new hire was supposed [...]

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How to Hire the Best Salesperson for Your Company

Hiring the wrong salesperson can be incredibly costly. From spent salary to the opportunity cost of an unproductive salesperson to training expenditures, the costs add up quickly. It’s safe to say any hiring manager would rather bring on the right salesperson than the wrong one. But how do you hire the best salesperson for your company? [...]

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How to Avoid the Second Round Hiring Knockout

The second round hiring phase is completely different than the initial interview.. Read on to learn how to avoid the cut when the hiring pool has been narrowed. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… I used to watch American Idol. Like so many others, I was engrossed by the process as [...]

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Engaging Interviews: How to Pop the Question

When beginning the hiring process, it may come up on your list to create engaging interviews.  You don't want to bore your possible future employees with the same old questions. Have you ever locked eyes with someone and knew right away that they were “the one”? Unprepared for the encounter, you start asking random questions. [...]

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