Free Webinar: The Secret Weapon to Growing Revenue

Want the secret weapon to growing revenue in your business? It's hiring the right salespeople! But as you've likely discovered, hiring the right salespeople is often easier said than done. That's where our expert, Alex Mackenzie comes in. As Head of Growth at Drafted, Inc., Alex understands the hiring demands and challenges faced by modern [...]

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4 Ways to Manage Sales Growth with a Sales Process

Responsibility for sales growth and a sales process is not limited to members of your sales team. If the pressure for sales growth rests exclusively on the shoulders of the VP of sales, then you risk fostering a culture of insularity in your company. If you don’t want the sales department to become an island, [...]

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How to Measure Business Growth in 4 Simple Steps

If you’re wondering the best way to measure business growth, you’re not alone. I haven’t met a CEO or stakeholder yet that hasn’t wondered the same thing. Now, before I continue, I’d like to set the stage. First, push everything else you’ve heard and read about business growth out of your mind. Once you’ve done [...]

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Hiring Process Steps: Here’s How to Hire the Right Salespeople

When the hiring process steps were drafted at your company, did you notice something missing? You probably noted that there were sections for the job description and how to conduct an interview. Maybe there was even a section on red flags or things to look out for. But what about how to actually determine if [...]

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5 Ways Sales Managers Can Help Salespeople Become Better Problem Solvers

All sales managers want great problem solvers on their teams, right? But do you have great problem solvers on your team? Do you have a team that is great at opening doors but fails to ask the right questions? Let’s fix this! 5 Ways Sales Managers Can Help Salespeople Become Better Problem Solvers The word [...]

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Improving Sales Performance: Do You Have the Right People on the Bus?

This February, we'll be talking about solving sales problems and improving sales performance. We have a lot of ideas planned to share strategies and best practices for sales improvement. Before you invest a lot of time and energy in improving your sales team, though, it can be helpful to take a step back and think [...]

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Using Assessments in the Hiring Process – It’s All About Fit

The hiring process for salespeople can be tough. They sell – it’s what they do! So even a somewhat mediocre salesperson (or a good salesperson who’s not a cultural fit for your team), can end up charming the hiring team into thinking they’re a great fit. They’re not to blame, of course – they’re just [...]

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Hiring Practices: How to Hire the Best Salespeople (Ever!)

When it comes to hiring practices for salespeople, does your team have a system? Do you know what to look for (or avoid) in a salesperson, and how to vet them properly during the hiring process? I love writing about this topic for a few reasons. First, I find the interview process very exciting—there’s nothing [...]

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