The Danger of High Expectations

QuickBooks Online is down today. Apparently the outage started at 7 p.m. Pacific time yesterday, but I only noticed when I tried to log in first thing this morning. Since then, I’ve been refreshing the page hourly to see if it’s back up – I can’t generate invoices, pay bills, or view our financial reports. [...]

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Follow the Signs; Not Your Mind

It happens from time to time, and it happened again last week. I had underestimated by a long shot how overbooked my schedule was. In my role as CEO, salesperson, management consultant, dealmaker, and manager, I had shifted gears so many times that the machine was beginning to smoke; that’s how bad it felt! It [...]

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Trusting Is Good for Your Health

A couple of weeks ago, I was worried about not being sufficiently prepared for a big event that we were producing. It was the first of its kind for us at CFS, there were quite a number of people involved, and I was concerned that we wouldn’t get it all done in time. Then something [...]

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The Pains and Pluses of Separation

In sales, eventually everyone ends up facing rejection. Maybe a prospect tells you flat out that they’re not interested, or another goes along with your entire sales process only to pull out at the end. It’s in situations such as this where you can distinguish yourself and set up a few future opportunities. Take a [...]

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Don’t Discount the Power of Intention to Increase Sales

As a sales trainer, it is easy to preach the “how” to improve selling. This is what I call the “doing,” or the “mechanics” of sales. It’s clear when you say “Do this,” “Say this,” “Read this book,” and you’ll get more business. Less obvious is another area I call “intention” to succeed at getting [...]

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Are Your Sales Jet Lagged?

Last week I was on vacation in San Diego, CA. It was absolutely wonderful – I slept in every day and then spent most of my time relaxing on the beach, shopping, and watching tennis. I was visiting my sister and cousin, and I really loved the opportunity to see them, as it doesn’t happen [...]

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Excuses, Excuses – What’s the Solution?

When you’re in the world of sales, it’s difficult to be on the ball 24/7. There are days where you walk in and you’re “just not feeling it.” When that happens, it’s easy to start digging into your head trash and make a million excuses as to why a prospect hasn’t gotten back to you. [...]

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Stress Management from Those Who Know It Best

While compiling a list of work stress related articles for our blog, I came to an interesting realization. Fully one-third of the articles I had bookmarked came from the same source – Harvard Business Publishing. With that in mind, I decided to put together this little montage of my favorite work stress/tough situations articles from [...]

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