Weekly Sales Meetings Are a Waste of Time!

When employees are tuning out your weekly sales meetings, it can be hard to switch up the program to get the conversations flowing and your salespeople focused. It's Monday morning. Somewhere behind the venti cups of Starbucks and dim glow of a half dozen BlackBerry and iPhone screens exists a sales staff. You know, the [...]

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Toxic Customers: Start the Cleanup

Customers have the ability to make our job a walk in the park, or a never-ending marathon: especially toxic customers. Wouldn’t it be nice if every customer were ‘The One?’ You know, the one who seamlessly meshes with your team and fits your culture to a T. The one who totally buys into your process [...]

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Bringing Your Head Trash to a Sales Meeting

I have a sneaking suspicion that many of us salespeople carry just as many objections into a sales meeting as the prospect brings up during the sales meeting. For myself, I have observed that the number of objections I bring can be affected by the status of my deal pipeline. Most of the objections I [...]

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