Cleaning Closets Develops Discipline!

Want to know a little secret about me? When I sense that my discipline is slipping, I clean out my closets! It sounds like a small thing, right? Not for me! Shirts not unwrapped from the cleaners and organized by color, shoes lying around sloppily without shoe trees inserted, and undershirts piled haphazardly may not [...]

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Get It Out of the Way!

Ever had a difficult phone call you needed to make? Maybe it was a prospect from whom you were expecting a refusal, a client you needed to inform of a problem, or even a valued customer who was overdue on an invoice. Did you keep putting the call off? You didn’t want to start your [...]

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Concentration Can Make The Difference

The way the story goes, Arnold Palmer was playing up the 18th hole of 1961 Masters golf championship when he saw an old friend in the gallery. Palmer was winning by a shot and had parred the 18th hole the previous three rounds. All Palmer had to do was par the last hole to claim [...]

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A Salesperson’s Rights

We’ve often heard the expression “The customer is always right.” Most of the time I subscribe to this mantra, with one important caveat – they must be an actual customer. However, I’ve observed how many salespeople also subscribe to this theory, only far before they should. Even before their prospect has become a customer, the [...]

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It Was Time for an Attitude Adjustment

Charles and I had a breakthrough this week. Like most sales people experience from time to time, we found ourselves stuck just going through the motions and getting caught up in the minutia. Over the course of a few weeks we had become involved in a number of initiatives and lost focus on closing the [...]

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Thank You for…Objecting?

I recently came across a rather interesting article, “Thank-you for Pointing Out My Mistake” by Kelley Robertson. At the end of the article, Roberson pointed out that while we all hate it when someone tells us we’re wrong, taking responsibility for your error can be an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and build [...]

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Bringing Your Head Trash to a Sales Meeting

I have a sneaking suspicion that many of us salespeople carry just as many objections into a sales meeting as the prospect brings up during the sales meeting. For myself, I have observed that the number of objections I bring can be affected by the status of my deal pipeline. Most of the objections I [...]

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Getting Naked: A Business Fable

I was tremendously impressed with the latest book from Patrick Lencioni, Getting Naked – you’ve probably heard about him through one of his previous bestsellers which include The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and The Five Temptations of a CEO. Though the book itself is a surprisingly straightforward fable, I got many insights about the [...]

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Getting Ready to Get Ready

It’s January, the holiday cobwebs are finally gone, and we are back to serious business, which at CFS means focusing on prospecting for new business. We closed a number of new deals at the end of last year and started this year with some momentum, but we absolutely can’t afford to rest on our laurels. [...]

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Installment Six – Be Positive

This is the final installment in my 6-part series dedicated to increasing sales in economic recovery. At the end of this post are links to the previous entries in the series. Recognize achievement. Salespeople rank recognition pretty high, right below high commissions! As a CEO or senior executive, you can make sure that top performers [...]

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