Customer Needs: How Change Acts as a Catalyst to Customer Success

When it comes to customer needs, are you meeting them? Or, better yet, do you even know what your customers want and need in the first place? Understanding our customers can be tough and tricky. And just when we think we’ve got our customer needs down, something changes. Suddenly, we’re back to square one. If [...]

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4 Ways to Build Loyal Customers and Clients

An important part of growing your business is building a base of loyal customers. You need clients who keep buying your products and services, making referrals, and providing testimonials. Here are 4 ways you can build loyal customers for your firm. Develop a communication plan. Clients value communication, and to build loyalty, you need to [...]

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Need Marketing Ideas? Ask Sales

Coming up with marketing ideas can be hard. And even when you have a list of marketing ideas, it can be difficult to decide which ones to prioritize. While your marketing team has the most expertise in making these decisions, don’t forget to check with sales. Here are 3 kinds of marketing ideas you could [...]

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Change Management: How Building a Sales Playbook Can Fail

When I’m speaking with prospective clients, one of the best questions they can ask me is “What would cause this program to fail?” It shows me that they’re invested in making things work and really thinking about how to implement our sales growth program. I typically respond with some specific things we’ve noticed as the [...]

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Reviewing Your Calls Will Increase Sales Performance

I know each of you who is involved with lead generation or phone sales is concerned with your numbers and metrics (call conversion, benchmarks, etc.). It’s unfortunate that your mentors and managers cannot give you advice after every call you handle; however, there is something that you can do to coach yourself: reviewing your calls [...]

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