How to Create Lasting Business Relationships

Creating lasting business relationships isn't difficult! We've discovered five elements that will help you build empowering business relationships and ease the tension often associated with selling. Here at CFS, we use the term discovery-based selling and discovery-based training. We encourage prospects and clients to discover what works rather than being told. Think about this for [...]

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Sales Training Seminars: NYSA Super Seminar Day

On Wednesday, May 25th, my team and I facilitated two sales training seminars in Manhattan for the NYSA Super Seminar Day 2016. The two sales training seminars: How to Build a Winning Sales Team and Social Selling for Business Development and Recruiting were designed as discovery-based workshops. My team was made up of Jonathan Allen, [...]

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What’s a Unique Feature?

Do you know how important it is to distinguish specific features in your company’s offering? Many sales leaders I talk to don’t realize that the more you can differentiate your products or services, the more your sales team can build useful dialog with your prospects, clients, and customers. It doesn’t stop there though. I’m not [...]

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The Bad Sales Presentation: Shoot First, Ask Questions Later

Being on the receiving end of a bad sales presentation is definitely and awkward, painful experience. The other day I was using our website’s back end tool to update some of our content. As I navigated through the clunky menus, a familiar feeling of frustration swept over me. You know, the kind of frustration that [...]

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There’s No Such Thing As a Happy Hollow-Win

Have you ever noticed that Trick-or-Treating on Halloween was a lot like your first experience with sales? Really, you never thought about how similar the two are? Well then, I challenge you to read this and see if it doesn’t inspire you pull out that old Dracula cape you wore as a kid. Preparation When [...]

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Uncovering Prospects’ Needs

Yesterday, I posted about the five areas where buyers focus their questions and the three key skills – building good relationships, asking probing questions, and actively listening – that are necessary to address each of these five areas effectively. It is those three skills that lead directily into today's topic – specifically, how to use [...]

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The Importance of Question-Based Selling

Experienced sellers know the importance of asking questions and listening to their prospective buyers. However, many sellers forget that buyers do the same thing to them – even if the questions are not directly stated. Here are the five typical areas buyers focus on, along with some of the questions they want answered before they [...]

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