Are You on the Same Page?

As you begin a new year, ask yourself one question. Does your team agree on key goals for 2010? Some companies have a sales goal for the year that’s written on the sales manager’s whiteboard and pinned to every salesperson’s wall. Do the project managers know the number? Do the salespeople agree on how they [...]

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Getting on the Same Page Helps

Getting on the same page helps when facilitating a strategic meeting! We accomplished a great deal in a short period of time at a retreat this week in a haunted castle an hour and a half’s drive outside of Copenhagen. We discovered that the effort made by both companies in preparing a comprehensive agenda in [...]

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Seven Reasons Strategic Planning Doesn’t Work

Strategic planning is essential to building and running a successful business. It's often avoided, though, because of a combination of misconceptions and previous failures. Below are seven reasons strategic planning doesn't work and ways to avoid them. 1. Planning is viewed as a one-time event. A common method of strategic planning is to go on [...]

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10 “Don’ts” of Social Media

While most social media and social networking channels were originally developed for consumers, they are one of the fastest growing areas of marketing- and sales-related activity. Studies indicate that over half of small and medium-size businesses are using some kind of social media for business purposes. Social media allows businesses to connect with prospects and [...]

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Extreme Disconnect!

I recently read an article by George Cloutier in the New York Enterprise Report, and was dumbfounded by some of the advice that was given. I consider myself to be a hardcore small business owner who goes above and beyond what is necessary so my business will succeed, but I can’t even imagine going to [...]

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