Getting on the Same Page Helps

Getting on the same page helps when facilitating a strategic meeting! We accomplished a great deal in a short period of time at a retreat this week in a haunted castle an hour and a half’s drive outside of Copenhagen. We discovered that the effort made by both companies in preparing a comprehensive agenda in [...]

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Seven Reasons Strategic Planning Doesn’t Work

Strategic planning is essential to building and running a successful business. It's often avoided, though, because of a combination of misconceptions and previous failures. Below are seven reasons strategic planning doesn't work and ways to avoid them. 1. Planning is viewed as a one-time event. A common method of strategic planning is to go on [...]

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10 “Don’ts” of Social Media

While most social media and social networking channels were originally developed for consumers, they are one of the fastest growing areas of marketing- and sales-related activity. Studies indicate that over half of small and medium-size businesses are using some kind of social media for business purposes. Social media allows businesses to connect with prospects and [...]

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Extreme Disconnect!

I recently read an article by George Cloutier in the New York Enterprise Report, and was dumbfounded by some of the advice that was given. I consider myself to be a hardcore small business owner who goes above and beyond what is necessary so my business will succeed, but I can’t even imagine going to [...]

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