Solving Sales Problems: Disconnects Kill Sales!

Solving sales problems is crucial to sales growth, development, and success. When there are gaps in understanding and communication, organizations suffer. Learning to create trust and make agreements that everyone keeps is essential to a close, connected relationship between management, sales, and the customer. We call fixing this: “bridging the disconnects.” One of the major causes of disconnects [...]

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Leverage Sales Training by Developing a Learning Culture

We’ve all seen companies like it. They invest in sales training programs, but everything seems to go in one ear and out the other. One or two top salespeople seem to do everything right, but the rest of the pack is left struggling. New hires come on board and never seem to gain any traction, [...]

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You Posted WHAT?! The Importance of a Social Media Policy for Sales

Why You Need a Social Media Policy for Sales People talk a lot about social media in selling, and one of the first topics that often comes up is a social media policy. What is it, and why might you need one? If you need one, what should you include? Imagine you have a salesperson [...]

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What’s Your North Star? Finding the KPI that Drives Behavior

Ancient explorers may have been lost in unfamiliar areas, but they knew if they could see the North Star they'd be able to figure out where they were going. Do you have one number your entire team can rally behind? In a retail environment, this might be customer interactions. In an online setting, it might [...]

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30 Questions to Troubleshoot Your Sales Problems (Infographic)

We're quickly coming to the end of the first quarter, and you are probably getting a good picture of where your sales are heading. Are you concerned that you might have a problem? It's still early enough to save your numbers, but if you can't identify the source of your problem quickly it will be [...]

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Common Problems Salespeople Experience

Many salespeople fall into the trap of describing their products and services to their prospects. In this age of information overload, it's likely your prospect already knows all about what you offer. Instead, start by identifying the problems your prospects are facing. You can then frame the solutions you present in terms of their specific [...]

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Mind the Gap: How to Bridge Coworker Disconnect

Coworker disconnect  has the ability to have a huge impact on the culture and efficiency of any office. Have you ever felt like you’re just not on the same page with your coworkers? Maybe you haven’t had enough caffeine – or your boss had too much – but you can’t seem to agree on anything [...]

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Toxic Customers: Start the Cleanup

Customers have the ability to make our job a walk in the park, or a never-ending marathon: especially toxic customers. Wouldn’t it be nice if every customer were ‘The One?’ You know, the one who seamlessly meshes with your team and fits your culture to a T. The one who totally buys into your process [...]

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Urgent Sales Problems: State of Emergency

When you receive urgent sales problems, it is often difficult to look past them.  Instead of having a defensive front against the blaze, it's time to be on the offensive side. Hi everyone! It’s David Matos here - former Trainer/Advisor and proud graduate of Criteria for Success. Quite a bit of time has passed since [...]

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