Sales Manager: Swiss Army Knife or Rusty Tool

It’s the end of the month. I am gathering numbers and have reports spread all over my desk. Somewhere amongst the wreckage of sales data is the number I am looking for. The number that will shape my next 30 days…“How many units did we sell?” As the data starts coming together, I feel as [...]

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How to Deal with the Volatile Nature of Sales and Marketing

How do sales and marketing relate to one another? On its face, the answer might seem obvious. Good marketing drives sales—or so that’s what people will tell you. While this statement is technically true, it only tells a small part of the story. Marketing and sales thrive completely off one another. Neither the marketing or [...]

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Toxic Customers: Start the Cleanup

Customers have the ability to make our job a walk in the park, or a never-ending marathon: especially toxic customers. Wouldn’t it be nice if every customer were ‘The One?’ You know, the one who seamlessly meshes with your team and fits your culture to a T. The one who totally buys into your process [...]

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Urgent Sales Problems: State of Emergency

When you receive urgent sales problems, it is often difficult to look past them.  Instead of having a defensive front against the blaze, it's time to be on the offensive side. Hi everyone! It’s David Matos here - former Trainer/Advisor and proud graduate of Criteria for Success. Quite a bit of time has passed since [...]

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5 Steps to Boost Your Success Rate by 250% Using a Strategy Map

Why do 70%+ of businesses fail? Why do your employees fail to meet their objectives? Why are your salespeople missing quota? It’s not that the ideas weren’t great, it’s not because your employees don’t work hard and it’s not because your salespeople aren’t making enough calls. Plain and simple it is because there isn’t an [...]

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What’s the Purpose of Your Goal-Setting Process?

Having goal-setting process is extremely lucrative for any team or individual. Not only does it help to create consistency and efficiency, it actually enables large goals to be met! I was recently meeting with a client, and the CEO expressed a little frustration at some of the sales team’s performance. These reps were following the [...]

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Enlarging the Pie: Collaborative Based Sales

When working for commission, it's often difficult to see the big picture of collaborative based sales. My friend’s son Max decided he wanted to buy the new Grand Theft Auto video game. To cut down on the cost, he asked his younger brother Jason if he wanted to chip in. Jason retorted that he was [...]

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The Ups and Downs of Metrics

I'm a numbers person – a math and science fanatic who lives to quantify everything. Countless teachers, mentors, and professors over the years have instilled in me one certainty: where words may fail me, numbers never lie. For me, charts and graphs represent the epitome of efficiency for the organization or communication of information, leaving [...]

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The Wishy-Washy Whitewash

Charles recently wrote an excellent post on his interaction with a prospect he could only describe as “wishy-washy.” Just in case you missed it – meetings were constantly being rescheduled, key decision makers weren’t available, and Charles doubted the commitment of the prospect to actually move forward. It was only through an honest conversation about [...]

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Removing Wishy-washiness

During a recent interaction with a prospect, I became much more clear on a particular aspect of selling which we at Criteria for Success are blogging about this month: “dealing with wishy-washiness between salespeople and prospects." I discovered that you don't have to wait until the sale is made in order to add value. You [...]

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