Sales Prospecting: 3 Steps for Sales Management Success

As a busy sales manager, it’s important to understand what your salespeople are thinking about when it comes to sales prospecting. If you consider how much time your sales team spends beating themselves up about NOT prospecting—and imagine that they spent the same amount of time actually prospecting… well, you catch my drift, right? When [...]

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Why You Should Invest In Inbound Marketing Before CRM Implementation

What should come first: inbound marketing or CRM implementation? As a sales growth company, we've explored this question not only with and for our clients, but as a growing company ourselves. We've also invested in an inbound marketing strategy and focused efforts on CRM implementation. Doug Davidoff, CEO of Imagine Business Development, wondered the same [...]

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Understand Your Buyer Personas – and Take Your Sales to the Next Level

Understanding your buyer personas is the key to taking your sales to the next level! How well do you know your prospective customer? It’s no secret that one of the keys to a successful marketing strategy is understanding the people that you are marketing to. As the means we use to reach our customers become [...]

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How to Set Sales Goals: 7 Best Practices to Improve Sales Performance

As a sales manager, one way you can help your busy sales team be more productive and improve sales performance is to give them a set of best practices on how to set sales goals. Personally, I know that every time I set and review goals on a scheduled basis, all sorts of good things [...]

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How to Set Up the Perfect Sales Pipeline

One question we get from a lot of clients is how to set up the perfect sales pipeline. Many companies use percentages – “50% likely to close” or similar. The problem I find with this system is deals either happen or they don’t. They don’t 50% happen. Using a percentage system lets the salesperson apply [...]

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Sales Discipline: The Dieting of Selling

Sales discipline is no more than simply, a discipline.  Read on as I analyze the similarities of creating sales discipline and successfully dieting. Dieting Discipline I find that there are different degrees of discipline for losing weight effectively. For example, I can quite easily drop five pounds by doing nothing more than staying conscious of [...]

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New Year New Me: Organizing With CRM

When you feel like you're boggled down by disorganized data, CRM is the answer. Yesterday was a cleaning day for CFS. We emptied drawers, boxes, and storage cabinets onto the conference table and were amazed at how much "stuff" we had. A cheap camera we forgot about buying, knick-knacks from clients and vendors, power cables [...]

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Five Tips for Welcoming New Employees

We have a new employee starting on Monday, and I’m confident he’ll have a good start here at CFS because we’ve developed a process for welcoming new employees. Just about everyone has detailed processes for hiring and firing, but how effective is your process for new hire orientation and ultimately welcoming new employees? Below are [...]

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Preparing to Prospect and ‘The Art of War’

Preparing to prospect may seem as an unnecessary, redundant step in the selling process.  Read on to learn why it is just the opposite. When Sun Tzu wrote his Art of War, I am sure that he wasn’t thinking about selling in the twenty-first century. However, I believe that many of his sayings can be [...]

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Small Business Marketing: Three Basic Strategies

Specific strategies for small business marketing is key when standing out among your competitors. We all know that a successful marketing strategy will help to drive sales. However, marketing is often one of the lowest priorities in the budget of a small business.  In large, this is because it is seen as expensive and complicated. [...]

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