Your Pipeline Is Thinner than a Pipe Cleaner

Your pipeline was bursting at the seams a month ago, but now it seems every sales meeting you run just isn’t quite going your way. You keep trying different phrases, different presentations, and different closing techniques. You could say that each new sales meeting is run completely differently from the last. So what is the [...]

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Get a Fresh Start in 2010!

The New Year is the perfect time to take a moment and reassess how your life and business is going to change. Here are a few articles I found to help you move forward instead of staying stuck in the past year. Start the New Year Right – Assess Your Business Here’s a great little [...]

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Are You on the Same Page?

As you begin a new year, ask yourself one question. Does your team agree on key goals for 2010? Some companies have a sales goal for the year that’s written on the sales manager’s whiteboard and pinned to every salesperson’s wall. Do the project managers know the number? Do the salespeople agree on how they [...]

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Preparing to Prospect and ‘The Art of War’

Preparing to prospect may seem as an unnecessary, redundant step in the selling process.  Read on to learn why it is just the opposite. When Sun Tzu wrote his Art of War, I am sure that he wasn’t thinking about selling in the twenty-first century. However, I believe that many of his sayings can be [...]

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Why Are You Not Meeting Your Goals?

Every self-improvement and productivity book, article, or blog I’ve read puts an incredible amount of focus into setting goals. At CFS, we work with our clients to develop specific, measurable goals for companies, departments, branches, and even individual salespeople. But setting goals, while often difficult, is the easy part – are you accomplishing the goals [...]

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Small Business Marketing: Three Basic Strategies

Specific strategies for small business marketing is key when standing out among your competitors. We all know that a successful marketing strategy will help to drive sales. However, marketing is often one of the lowest priorities in the budget of a small business.  In large, this is because it is seen as expensive and complicated. [...]

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