How to Set Up the Perfect Sales Pipeline

One question we get from a lot of clients is how to set up the perfect sales pipeline. Many companies use percentages – “50% likely to close” or similar. The problem I find with this system is deals either happen or they don’t. They don’t 50% happen. Using a percentage system lets the salesperson apply [...]

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Sales Discipline: The Dieting of Selling

Sales discipline is no more than simply, a discipline.  Read on as I analyze the similarities of creating sales discipline and successfully dieting. Dieting Discipline I find that there are different degrees of discipline for losing weight effectively. For example, I can quite easily drop five pounds by doing nothing more than staying conscious of [...]

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New Year New Me: Organizing With CRM

When you feel like you're boggled down by disorganized data, CRM is the answer. Yesterday was a cleaning day for CFS. We emptied drawers, boxes, and storage cabinets onto the conference table and were amazed at how much "stuff" we had. A cheap camera we forgot about buying, knick-knacks from clients and vendors, power cables [...]

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Focus Your Activity with CRM: Blast TO the Past!

One of my favorite ways to use CRM to focus prospecting and selling activity is to look back at old leads and opportunities. It’s amazing how often we forget about them! Think about it – would you rather introduce yourself, your company, and your products and services to a new person who’s never heard of [...]

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Focus Your Activity with CRM: Lesson from a Construction Project

Last weekend I participated in a Habit for Humanity project in Brooklyn, and I was (of course) reminded of CRM. In the morning, I was installing tile in the bathrooms. The previous team had been responsible for laying out the tile and cutting it, and my partner and I were putting down the mortar and [...]

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Focus Your Activity with CRM: Target Prospects

If you have a large database of leads and contacts, are you running queries on your data to generate targeted prospecting lists? If you’re tracking a piece of data in your system, you probably have the ability to run a list based on it. You can be as general or as specific as you want [...]

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Focus Your Activity with CRM

Most sales organizations have some sort of CRM (customer relationship management) system in place, but they tend to use these systems at their very basic level: contact, account, and opportunity management. What if you could use your CRM system to focus your prospecting and selling activity? Over the coming weeks I’ll be posting a series [...]

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Be Careful What You Wish For

For a company of five people, we have processes and systems in place that mimic some of those found in the largest companies in corporate America. This is good and bad. The good is that we are well organized, poised for growth, and have the ability to use the knowledge gained in putting these systems [...]

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The POOL IS OPEN! Grab your snorkel, take a deep breath and jump on in! So it’s the first week on the job, before you know it you’re in the water and already swimming for dear life. I’ve taken a look back over my first week here at Criteria for Success and put together a [...]

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