When You Create Customer Relationships You Close Deals

To put it simply: customer relationships make it easier to sell. I’m going to give two scenarios. Imagine you’re selling any product or service to someone you’ve never met before. They don’t know anything about your product, and more importantly they don’t know anything about you. To them, you’re just another salesperson trying to sell [...]

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4 Ways to Manage Sales Growth with a Sales Process

Responsibility for sales growth and a sales process is not limited to members of your sales team. If the pressure for sales growth rests exclusively on the shoulders of the VP of sales, then you risk fostering a culture of insularity in your company. If you don’t want the sales department to become an island, [...]

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9 Ways Solution Selling is Like Solving a Crossword Puzzle

Do you ever wonder if there is a new approach to teaching your sellers some great solution selling skills that add value to prospective customers? Well, here are 9 that I recently learned. Put the pieces together. Fill in the blanks. Operate with confidence. Retrieve information. Figure out the style. Finish what you started. Be [...]

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You Listened to Your Prospect and Waited Until the New Year – Now What?

“That sounds great, but I don’t have any budget right now.” “We’ve planned our projects for the rest of the year, and this doesn’t fit in.” “Can you give me a call next quarter? We’ll be working on next year’s budget then, and I’ll see if we can fit this in.” Sound familiar? Well it’s [...]

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Drive Consultative Selling with a Sales PlayBook

Everyone tells you to be more consultative in selling. There are countless books, training programs, and articles teaching you how to do it. On the other hand, everyone always talks about having a sales playbook. Options range from simple DIY templates to enterprise-level software solutions. At first glance, these seem like opposing priorities. How can [...]

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Consultative Selling Using a Common Problems Approach

In my world of sales and sales training, I hear the term “consultative selling” thrown around quite a bit. That term can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people, so I will give you my definition. First of all, consultative selling has two parts. Part one is about establishing comfort [...]

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What’s a Unique Feature?

Do you know how important it is to distinguish specific features in your company’s offering? Many sales leaders I talk to don’t realize that the more you can differentiate your products or services, the more your sales team can build useful dialog with your prospects, clients, and customers. It doesn’t stop there though. I’m not [...]

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3 Simple Steps to More Powerful Sales Conversations

You’ve probably heard the expression “the tip of the iceberg.” You’ve also probably heard the origin of the phrase – 90% of an iceberg’s mass is actually below the surface of the water (thanks to the difference in density between seawater and pure ice). But did you know how much sales has in common with [...]

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3 Exercises to Hone Your Team’s Consultative Selling Skills

As a sales manager, how do you improve your team’s performance? Increase commissions? Set up internal competitions? Punish poor performance? All these tactics might improve salesperson productivity if they’re already doing the right things. Think of it this way – an amateur golfer won’t win the PGA tour just because the winner takes home $1.8 [...]

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How to Practice Sales: Becoming a Better B2B Salesperson

Do you know the single most important behavior a salesperson can engage in to become a better seller? (Spoiler Alert: This is a lot like the old joke, “How do you get to Carnegie Hall?”) Practice. In Susan Cain’s book Quiet, she dedicates a section to the value of solo practice in developing a skill [...]

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