12 Things Top Sales Performers Share

I’ve come across plenty of top sales performers in my travels as a sales trainer. I’ve also learned a lot from these top producers. Perhaps the best lesson is that truly successful top sales performers share best practices with their teams. Top Sales Performers Here are 12 things I’ve discovered they all have in common. [...]

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Use the PLAYBACK Tool to Coach Sales

If you’re a sales leader, my advice for you to coach sales effectively is to respect the salesperson’s perspective before you begin. They might say to themselves: “it’s hard to be coached by my boss because she doesn’t respect what I have to say, especially since I haven’t invited her to coach me in the [...]

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How to Recognize You’re a BAD Manager [and What to Do About It]

Let’s face it: there’s nothing glamorous about being known as a bad manager. In fact, it’s probably the last thing you’d ever want to hear from one of your salespeople. The truth is, however, that we hear a lot more horror stories about bad managers than we do about good ones. That’s not to say [...]

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Coaching Salespeople: Here’s the #1 Obstacle for Sellers

When it comes to coaching salespeople, it’s important to know and understand the obstacles that stand in their way. Many salespeople struggle with the following: Poor (or no) prospecting process The wrong focus Not asking the right questions Not having a consistent, powerful process for following up after a meeting Not learning from each other [...]

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Elite Sales Management: Coaching Your People Where They Are

As sales managers, we’ve all been told we need to coach our teams. And for some people, it’s easy to see why! They fall short of plans and consistently get off track. But really, what value are you adding if you’re consistently coaching someone who’s not showing improvement? And what about our top performers? Is [...]

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30 Inspirational Quotes on Sales Coaching

You hear a lot about sales coaching, but what is it? Who needs it, and who is the best person to provide it? What’s the best way to coach your sales team? We’ve collected 30 quotes from the sports and business worlds to answer those questions. We love to share quotes on social media, and [...]

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Be a Sales Coach instead of being a Sales Manager!

Philosophically speaking, it's outdated to think of a sales manager as a "manager." Instead, the new sales manager should be thought of as more of a "coach." Managers set the targets and tell their people exactly what they think the team should do to make the numbers happen. On the other hand, coaches encourage their [...]

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