A Seasoned Salesperson’s Tale of Playbook Success

When switching jobs or industries, even the most seasoned salesperson's experience may be inadequate. Read on to learn how David was able to better his performance through a sales playbook. A Seasoned Salesperson's Tale of Playbook Success: Six months ago, David was in a state of emergency. He’d recently been hired at Laufer Group, and [...]

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You Say It’s Your Birthday

Isn’t it a great feeling to know that someone is thinking of you on a special day? I talked about this briefly in a post back in February, but I wanted to dive a little deeper. In addition to our holiday card tradition, this year we decided to celebrate birthdays as well. We didn’t want [...]

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Houston, We Have a Problem!

It happens all the time. You make a commitment to your prospect, and just to be safe you confirm with the service side that it is feasible. After hearing a yes, you follow up with your prospect and seal the deal. Feeling all warm and tingly inside you lean back in your chair and pat [...]

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Thanks for the…Gift?

I work with plenty of sales people who feel the best way to close the loop on a sale is to show appreciation to their new client by giving a gift. The biggest challenge they have is finding the right gift. After all, giving that great bottle of Scotch to the CEO who doesn’t drink [...]

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Give Prospects and Clients Something Extra

At CFS, we don’t believe in giving away significant amounts of services for free, but we do believe in giving clients and prospects something extra. We subscribe to the law of increasing returns, whereby whatever extra you give clients will be returned to you by a larger factor. Here are a few ideas: Whatever you [...]

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Rekindling the Flame

It happens to all of us – in the beginning, everything is exciting. You can’t wait to hear from them, every time you meet is amazing, and they seem to think the world of you. Over time, you get to know each other a little better, and while you grow closer, you also learn some [...]

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It’s All About the Little Things

Have you noticed a theme in our blog posts lately? For us, February is all about the importance of relationships in selling. As we were brainstorming topics for possible blog entries, we noticed that just about every possible title made us sound like relationship counselors. We weren’t exactly surprised – the same principles that help [...]

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