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The Best Motivational Speakers for Sales Success

The best motivational speakers really make you think. Sometimes they rip the carpet from under you and make you reevaluate your entire life. Sometimes they make you realize you could be better and you decide to act accordingly. We don’t always realize when we aren’t being our best. We may not realize that we have [...]

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Sales Professionals Want Career Development

A common belief is that sales professionals remain engaged and motivated as long as they are earning sufficient commissions and believe next year will be even better. Therefore, sales professionals generally do not need career development opportunities: they just need the opportunity to make more sales and they'll remain engaged at work. "Managing sales professionals is easy: [...]

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Discovery-Based Learning: From the Inside-Out

I recently joined the team here at CFS as a Marketing and Sales Assistant. At the start of my time here, the team had a recent breakthrough about the success of discovery-based learning. Formally speaking, discovery-based learning is used in scholarly debates and psychological theories. However, here at CFS we use it as a tool [...]

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My Sales Philosophy – Build Your Brand First

A wise Sales Manager early in my career once told me when onboarding at a large company: Build your brand. Build your network. Build your business. He was clear about the importance of the order of operation, and I think that his wisdom ultimately became part of how I run my business and a core [...]

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10 Incredible Customized Sales Training Stats

Have you ever wondered about the impact of customized sales training? We hear a lot about the importance of implementing great training programs, but what do the numbers say? When considering the investment in a customized sales training program, it's important to evaluate just what kind of return you can expect for your sales team. We [...]

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How to Hire the Best Salesperson for Your Company

Hiring the wrong salesperson can be incredibly costly. From spent salary to the opportunity cost of an unproductive salesperson to training expenditures, the costs add up quickly. It’s safe to say any hiring manager would rather bring on the right salesperson than the wrong one. But how do you hire the best salesperson for your company? [...]

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Leadership at Every Rung of the Ladder

What does it mean to you to be a leader? Maybe it means you get to call the shots; maybe it means having "Manager" or "Executive" in your job title. At Criteria for Success, we believe every person in an organization has a leadership role to play. Here are our suggestions for how to be [...]

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How to Avoid the Second Round Hiring Knockout

The second round hiring phase is completely different than the initial interview.. Read on to learn how to avoid the cut when the hiring pool has been narrowed. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… I used to watch American Idol. Like so many others, I was engrossed by the process as [...]

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Engaging Interviews: How to Pop the Question

When beginning the hiring process, it may come up on your list to create engaging interviews.  You don't want to bore your possible future employees with the same old questions. Have you ever locked eyes with someone and knew right away that they were “the one”? Unprepared for the encounter, you start asking random questions. [...]

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Phone Screening: To See or Not To See

Phone screening: a way to get to know your candidate before anyone has to travel for a face-to-face interview. It’s Tuesday afternoon. I have finally managed to carve out an hour to call potential candidates and invite them in for an interview this week. About fifteen resumes are spread out in front of me, and [...]

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