Accountability in sales is important. Are you a CEO or Sales Manager looking to create an environment of accountability within your sales team?

Aligning Sales Activities to Goals

A sales rep may know their sales goal, but are their daily sales activities aligned with that goal? As a sales leader, there’s a lot you can do to help your team align their activities to their goals. Here are three best practices. Use Prospecting Action Plans A monthly Prospecting Action Plan is a simple [...]

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Goal Accountability: The Key to Accomplishing

Goal accountability is the hardest part when it comes to achieving goals. You heard me right: being accountable to your goals involved more heavy-lifting than actually achieving goals. Goal accountability includes all the tasks that you really really don’t want to do in order to reach your end goal. It’s waking up an hour earlier [...]

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The Secret to Business Focus: 4 Strategies to Get More Done

If your day to day involves endless emails, meetings, and projects, chances are you’re also looking for some better business focus strategies. Trust me, I get it. When I hear that email inbox chime, the instantaneousness of it all gets me. I should check that email. What if it’s important? So, I give in. I [...]

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Elite Sales Management: Coaching Your People Where They Are

As sales managers, we’ve all been told we need to coach our teams. And for some people, it’s easy to see why! They fall short of plans and consistently get off track. But really, what value are you adding if you’re consistently coaching someone who’s not showing improvement? And what about our top performers? Is [...]

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