Breaking Out of a Sales Funk with a Successful Sales Process

A successful sales process will get you out of a sales funk every time.


Check out the 5 recommendations below to get started.

Breaking Out of a Sales Funk with a Successful Sales Process

  1. Take Out the Trash

“My boss will fire me if I admit that I have no prospects this month.”
“I can’t believe how hard business has gotten lately.”
“Maybe I should look for another job.”

Any of this sounds familiar? If it does, remember that most of it is in your head.

Listening to the head trash is paralyzing. You stop dealing with reality. If you’re stuck, your successful sales process will set you free!

Follow the process to stay out of your head trash.

  1. Make it an Adventure

While you’re taking out the trash, remember that selling is an adventure.

Have fun meeting new people, dealing with new situations, creating solutions, and helping others by providing value.

Ask yourself why you got into sales in the first place.  Your successful sales process should have a philosophy section that reminds you why!

  1. Play the Game in Real Time

You stopped following your successful sales process, which is another way of saying you stopped playing the game.

Start prospecting, working leads, and working opportunities. Stay engaged with the successful sales process that outlines how to do this and more.

Your successful sales process should tell you what your best lead sources are, how to revive lost opportunities, how to upsell past and existing clients, and ask for referrals.

Use your CRM system to effectively manage your time and keep you on track.

  1. Get Back on the Horse

I’m yet to meet a salesperson that follows their successful sales process every day, all the time. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter.

Why? Because they know they can “get back on the horse” and follow their process.

At least they have a process.  Many don’t!  For the longest time, I’ve said that it’s better to have a process and not need it, then to need it and not have it.

My advice is to not wait too long to get back on your successful sales process.

  1. Take it One Step at a Time

So now you’re following your successful sales process, step by step. Doing this builds confidence and generates momentum.

Momentum leads to stability, and stability leads to mastery.

Celebrate the small wins, like getting a meeting, a commitment to a follow up meeting, and a request for a proposal.  This helps you to stay positive, keep your energy up, and close that sale.

Keep adding what you learn from your own sales activities, as well as from those others. Document these lessons in your Sales PlayBook in order to make your sales process a success.

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