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Charles Bernard, Sales Keynote Speaker

Charles Bernard, Sales Keynote SpeakerCharles Bernard, founder and CEO of Criteria for Success, Inc., helps CEOs bridge the gap between their vision for their company and their bottom line.

Charles delivers talks on sales and selling using an active learning approach that engages the audience and enables them to see sales success in their own companies. Interactive discussions give each participant tips, tools, and techniques that can be applied immediately.

A Charles Bernard talk is a unique experience. Many sales speakers are loud and intense, relying on the “explosiveness” of their style to inspire and entertain their audience. Charles doesn’t seek to entertain: he seeks to make a difference.

Participants walk away with real tactics and techniques they can employ immediately to make an impact in their business. Ann Buivid, CEO of The Lilypad Group, came out of a workshop Charles facilitated and put our techniques to work right away. At her next client meeting, she used the CFS Meeting Agenda to secure a new $50,000 purchase order, a commitment for 6 more airings on one product line, and a promise for over $750,000 of orders on two new products. This isn’t snake oil – this stuff really works.

“When I left the first meeting with my sales director, she said, “What did you do in there?  The buyers were saying ‘yes’ to everything!”

I am now worshipping at the altar of Criteria for Success!”

 – Ann Buivid, CEO, The Lilypad Group

Ellen Grauer, of Ellen Grauer Court Reporting, attended another workshop with Charles and had similar results. Following Charles’ advice, she sent an agenda in advance to a prospect who had canceled a previous meeting. “In order to ensure that he not cancel again,” she said, “I decided to send him not only a reconfirmation, but an agenda as well. This meeting was the most efficient sales meeting I have had to date in my 17 years in business. I feel like I have a whole new career!

  • Keynotes & Breakout Sessions

    You’re looking for the perfect keynote speaker to inspire and energize your audience. Charles brings enormous energy, fresh ideas and deep sales knowledge to deliver keynote speeches full of actionable advice participants will remember. The typical length of a keynote or breakout sessions is between 30 and 90 minutes.

    Choose from the list of topics below or contact Charles for a customized program.

  • Workshops & Retreats

    Finding the right facilitator for your group’s workshop or retreat can mean the difference between an event that falls flat and one that is remembered for years.

    Charles has facilitated retreats for CEOs, sales teams, and entire companies. His hands-on approach ensures participants leave with tools to improve sales right away. Charles is available for full day or half-day workshops and retreats.

We work in partnership with you, the event coordinator, to determine which topics will have the greatest impact with your audience within the time allotted. Every talk is accompanied by customized workbooks with exercises and templates for participants to fill with notes and personal breakthroughs to apply to their unique circumstances.


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