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Our sales philosophy centers on the concept of “consultative selling.” We believe salespeople should approach buyers from a perspective of adding value. Sales has developed a bad reputation for tricking or manipulating people into buying something they don’t want. The best business relationships are those based on mutual value and mutual benefit, and that relationship starts with the selling conversation.

Our customized sales training programs instill this philosophy of consultative selling in our clients’ sales teams and develop a culture around adding value for customers.

We can tailor our training solutions to your particular needs, but our flagship product is Breakthrough Sales Training. Breakthrough is a two-day on- or off-site training with an emphasis on role practice and group exercises. We work with you to select the curriculum topics which will be most appropriate for your team. This training solution serves as a team-building experience in addition to a training event, and we work closely with stakeholders and management to ensure the momentum is sustained after the event.

In our Sales Improvement Program, our Breakthrough Sales Training is paired with a full-day Sales Management Training to provide best-practice sales management techniques and simple sales management tools. This interactive training empowers your sales managers to effectively support their sales teams.

The ideal candidate for this training is a company seeking a comprehensive sales training solution that will have a profound impact on their selling culture.

For companies engaging in the CFS Sales Improvement Program, the Sales PlayBook will be introduced to the sales team in the training, and they will be trained on its use.

Optimally, companies not engaging in the CFS Sales Improvement Program may elect to have participants take the DISC assessment in preparation for the training to gain insights about their individual selling behavior and communication style.  In this situation, the training will include a module on interpreting DISC results and applying them in selling situations.


  • Establish a shared company framework for sales improvement in five distinct areas – our criteria for success.
  • Provide philosophy & mechanics to improve effectiveness in our five criteria for success.
  • Participate in customized role-practice scenarios.
  • Improve teamwork.
  • For companies participating in the Sales Improvement Program, introduce the PlayBook to the team & train them on its use.

Results/Value to Client

  • Completed workbook to drive immediate implementation of sales improvement strategies and tactics.
  • Receive established system for selling based on world-class training method.
  • Improve relationships within the team.
  • In-depth discussion of each of the five criteria for success.
  • Apply improvement to real-world situations by critiquing prepared role-practice exercises.

Download our free Active Listening checklist to improve Consultative selling skills