A Sales PlayBook is a dynamic resource containing an organization’s best practice sales strategies and processes.

 “73% of Best-in-Class organizations deploy a central repository of sales best practices and tools.”
Aberdeen Research

Criteria for Success takes the basic idea of a playbook and houses it within collaboration-friendly wiki functionality. If you’ve ever used Wikipedia, you can use a CFS PlayBook – it’s full of all the information you need, and you’re free to hit the “Edit” button and make your own contributions. We also stock our PlayBooks with core best selling practices – including templates, workbooks, and tools – that serve as jumping-off points for activating the specific best practices of your top performers.

Our PlayBooks document and enhance best selling practices in your firm in our Five Success Areas:  Prospecting, Selling, Support, System, and Team.  Your customized Sales PlayBook actually becomes your living, breathing sales process, from the moment you go looking for leads to how you ask your colleagues for input. For most of our clients, this is the first time they have ever had a documented process they can reference and build on throughout the day-to-day work of selling.

The Sales PlayBook helps your sales team harness best practices to sell more and drive revenue

Much of selling is repetitive; similar needs, similar problems, similar requests and so on. Top salespeople often learn through trial and error, then go on their instincts to continue closing deals. Imagine how powerful it would be for those salespeople to have a repeatable system in place, that can be taught, transferred, improved upon and referenced by the whole team. Would that be the game-changer your company needs to get to the next level?


  • Share best selling practices across the company
  • Support the sales management function
  • Empower interactive communication throughout the company to drive a higher-performing sales culture

Results/Value to Client

  • Documented, improved and enabled ongoing development of best selling practices
  • Reinforced and enhanced CFS sales training content
  • Aligned on and enabled supporting sales management function on an ongoing basis
  • Defined a clear structure to drive ongoing sales improvement
  • Improved communication between departments to support sales
  • Improved communication between execs/managers and sales
  • Supported ongoing adoption of the PlayBook and sales improvement

Demo the CFS Sales PlayBook