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The first stage of our Sales Improvement Foundation is to establish a benchmark for your corporate sales function. This helps us know how you’re doing today so we can take you to the next level.

In our dynamic Sales Exploration Process, we work with both the sales team and management to assess and score a company in our five success areas of Prospecting, Selling, Support, System, and Team. Our focus is not only on understanding how the sales team works; but even more importantly, it is on understanding how they perceive their customers’ needs and how to better meet them.

We work with you and your salespeople to collaboratively review systems and processes around selling and identify problem areas. We conduct in-person and/or phone interviews and use a variety of online survey tools to gain understanding and perspective. We aim for as many stakeholders as possible to actively engage in the improvement process.

It takes approximately two weeks (subject to client availability) to complete our diagnosis of a new client.

During this process, salespeople complete a survey and participate in the Success Insights Snapshot program, in which they take the DISC assessment and participate in a workshop to learn to interpret their results and apply them in selling situations.

The final product of this exploration process is a document that scores the client in our five criteria for success, summarizes noteworthy comments from a survey and meetings with salespeople and management, and provides our recommendations for improvement. This is the critical first step of the Foundation phase of our Sales Improvement Program.


  • Administer an exploration survey to the sales team.
  • Conduct in-person interviews with select participants (sales and management).
  • Administer the Success Insights Snapshot (based on online DISC assessment).
  • Conduct webinar training for participants to interpret their Success Insights Snapshot results.
  • Work with management and the sales team to analyze the current selling system.
  • Develop, deliver, and review with management the CFS exploration assessment document.

Results/Value to Client

  • Receive objective feedback from internal team and CFS on condition of sales.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses in individual behavior and communication style and provide direction for self-improvement.
  • Better understand how your salespeople provide value to customers and how they could improve.
  • Receive training on applying DISC assessment results to improve interaction with prospects and clients.