Why Salespeople Should Approach Selling Like a Performer

You know what I always found funny about sales? I could be having the worst day of my life, and yet the second I get in front of a prospect, it suddenly becomes the best day of my life. I’m funny, engaged, and enthusiastic, and I leave the meeting with a spring in my step.

Most salespeople can “turn it on” at a moment’s notice. We become performers – putting on our best face even if deep down, we don’t feel that great. Unfortunately, that usually means it gets “turned off” quickly after the meeting – it’s as if the weight of the world has returned to take its rightful place on my all too delicate shoulders.

What high-performing sales professionals understand is that outside forces (no matter how personal they are) cannot affect us when it’s time to do business. It’s as if we are on giant stage with a bright spotlight aimed directly at us. We become actors who embrace the moment, take center stage, and deliver an earth shattering performance. Well, at least that’s what we strive to do. Whether or not our performance is any good depends a great deal on how prepared we are.

How to Focus on the Moment

First of all, get rid of your head trash. We have a saying around here – “Play the game on the field, not in your head.” We all have that little voice in our head saying negative things about us, our prospects, and our opportunities. Let all that head trash go and focus on the actions you’re taking in the moment.

Being able to ignore whether you’re having a good day or a bad day and act anyway is one of the hallmarks of a strong salesperson. Key to developing this ability is to have a solid set of actions and activities you can fall back on when the mood just isn’t right. The more you follow your system, the more success you’ll find – and your bad mood might just turn around.

You can focus your activity by knowing your 30-second introduction, Common Problems your customers face, all your solutions and their features and benefits, and how to handle objections.

Hone Your Activity With the Right Preparation

Given that salespeople have so much in common with actors, we can take their cue to improve our preparation. What does that preparation entail, you ask? Ah, well that’s easy. Every good performer has a script and memorizes their lines.

In sales, there are two types of scripts: One that is used in face-to-face selling and another that is used on the phone. The more familiar you are with your script, the better your performance will be when the spotlight is shining on you. It also gives you the freedom to go off-script as the situation requires. You will free up your mind to think on your feet and present an out-of-the-box solution in the moment.

Prepare Your Scripts

In my next two posts, I’ll cover how any sales leader can craft powerful scripts to support and improve their selling process. Many sales teams incorporate these scripts into their Sales PlayBook to standardize across different salespeople and increase overall performance. Whether you’re a start-up, Fortune Company or a mid-sized business, scripting is a critical component to any sales organization’s prospecting activities.

What types of scripting does your organization use? Has your sales department moved away from scripting? Leave your thoughts and comments in the section below.

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