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Let’s face it: selling isn’t what it was 5, 10, or 25 years ago.

With an endless internet full of options, salespeople report more frustration than ever. From last minute deals that fall through to radio silence, difficulty finding the right prospects and long sales cycles, more and more salespeople, sales managers, and CEOs are stressed out and want relief.

The good news? Solving sales problems is what we do!

Whether your team is struggling with prospecting, selling, departmental integration, management issues, low morale, CRM adoption –or– you just want a fresh take, we’re here to help. We’ll keep what’s working and toss what’s not. Or start from scratch, it’s your choice!

If you’re looking for a keynote speaker, a sales or sales leadership workshop, sales assessments, sales training, a Sales PlayBook, or a full sales growth program, we’ve got you covered. Let’s discover something new together and produce breakthrough sales results for you and your team.


Criteria for Success | Sales Training

Sales Training

Tailored to your teams and your needs, our sales training is all about discovery. Together we discover what works, what doesn’t, and we help your salespeople create and use processes that stick long term.

CFS Sales PlayBook

Sales PlayBook

Ensure your sales training initiatives stick with the CFS Sales PlayBook. This revolutionary tool houses your sales best practices, processes, procedures, templates, and makes collaborating as easy as click, edit, submit.

Criteria for Success | Sales Training

Behavioral Assessments

Discover how to unlock and develop talent on your team with our behavioral assessments. You and your team will make better decisions and sell more.

Criteria for Success | Sales Management Training

Sales Management Training

We understand that sales managers wear many hats. Our sales management training is customized to strengthen your managers in the most important areas: coaching, accountability, and motivation.

Criteria for Success | Sales Growth Program

Sales Growth Program

Take your company to the next level with our CFS Sales Growth Program. Our program combines our powerful sales and sales management training, exploration and assessments, a custom Sales PlayBook, CRM integration, and so much more.

Criteria for Success | Sales Training

Sales Department Analysis

Gain insights on your current people and processes with our custom Sales Department Analysis. We study your business, survey your team, and interview key stakeholders to provide relevant, proactive, succinct advice.

Criteria for Success | Train the Trainer

Train-the-Sales-Trainer Program

Want sales growth that never ends? Our Train the Trainer Program is perfect for companies with existing internal training teams OR are looking to add sales trainers in house.

Sales Solutions | Sales Speaker | Conference, Events

Events, Workshops, & Conferences

Looking for a speaker for your next sales or leadership conference? Our team of professional speakers, including our CEO Charles Bernard, are well-versed in the world of business and sales management, sales growth, and innovative marketing and social selling strategies.

Sales and Marketing Collaboration: How to Leverage Your Teams to Sell More

Sales & Management Coaching

Take your sales managers and salespeople to the next level with professional coaching from one of our Sales Advisors. Your team members will gain confidence, be better organized, and in turn, be more successful.


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Problems We Solve

  • Salespeople not having a system for selling, not using the one they have, or not empowered by the one they have.

  • Salespeople not having open dialogue with prospective clients, so they can determine whether their company is a fit or not.

  • Sales not communicating the value proposition effectively to existing and/or new clients.

  • Poor selling culture, such as salespeople not sharing best practices with each other.

  • Management not aligned with selling goals and activities.

  • The sales team not aligned with the rest of the company.

  • Poor prospecting to generate leads.

  • Poor closing/conversion of leads.

  • Under-utilizing the sales CRM system, or CRM not adopted effectively.

  • Unacceptably missing revenue and/or profit targets.