Sales Process Steps & How a Sales PlayBook Can Help

If you’re a sales manager or salesperson looking for the best sales process steps, I have a secret (and you’re not gonna like it): you already have them.

Hold on! Don’t click away. Let me explain.

Here at CFS, we’ve worked with hundreds of salespeople, sales managers, and CEOs—providing us with tons and tons of feedback.

What we’ve discovered is simple: no one knows a business quite like those that own the business (CEOs), are invested in the business (sales management), or are working to grow the business (salespeople).

This means that when it comes to sales process steps, the best place to start is with your own awesome team.

Sales Process Steps & How a Sales PlayBook Can Help

What is a Sales PlayBook?

If you’re not already familiar, a Sales PlayBook is a dynamic resource containing an organization’s best practice sales strategies and processes.

What does this mean for your organization?

An active Sales PlayBook will actually help grow and develop your sales process steps as your team meets to discuss and exchange best practices.

Why Your Company Should Develop a Sales PlayBook to Capture Sales Process Steps

Here is a short video from the New Jersey Young Presidents’ Organization featuring Charles Bernard.

[Charles Bernard Transcript]

So what do you do?

If you’re going to go about resolving disconnects and improving sales, I’m going to give you what I consider to be a little bit of a road map—and this is something you can take away.

Combining sales training—which we call learning—with execution. Have a process. Develop a sales process.

We believe if you do that you’ll get success.

The thing we recommend you develop is an executable based Sales PlayBook. We call it an execution-based Sales PlayBook.

You might have heard the term PlayBook and please don’t think of a PlayBook as a manual. A lot of people say,

“This is how we sell.”
“We document everything.”
“Here’s our manual.”

I’m gonna tell you the percentage success rate of someone who goes about doing that at a company is very slim—it’s very low.

What we’re actually recommending is that you document, but you keep it execution-based—meaning, it’s constantly updated.

If you’re going to develop a Sales PlayBook, I recommend you use a platform using a wiki.

Anyone know what a wiki is? Wiki technology is very useful for this kind of sales process. A wiki is a website, like Wikipedia, that belongs to you and all your processes are documented—and then people can change them very very quickly and interact with them.

[end transcript]

Have you or your company implemented a Sales PlayBook to document sales process steps? Have thoughts to share on the topic? Comment below, we’d love to hear your feedback!

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